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    this plugin used to work but when i upgraded MultiSite Network to 3.1 it broke … i’ve turned off EVERY SINGLE plugin and removed all functions.php code and still get FATAL error on line 220 -, ie
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function user_row() in /home/user-name/public_html/wp-content/plugins/allow-multiple-accounts/allow-multiple-accounts.php on line 220

    i had posted comment on author site earlier in week but does not appear hence posting error status here for others so you don’t waste your time … this plugin failure was also experienced on a second blog network … and in addition to error code above, i’m unable to add a second user to a shared email no matter what i get error:

    Sorry, that email address is already used!

    this plugin breaking is unfortunate … it was really cool when it worked and worked like a charm before … unfortunately i have a church site that now has to be completely redone because of this broken plugin and no longer can provide “family memberships” with shared email but now have to go back to default WordPress membership of one unique email per member – ugh!

    hopefully this info will help others … cordially, chuck scott

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  • It seems that user_row() function is removed in WP 3.1 which is why this plugin throws the error, see this article: Apparently user_row() is just one function out of a few that are removed.

    Would be interesting to see how this impact other plugins out there and how quick and easy for the developers to find the alternative solution.

    @cassiedong … muchas gracias for post with link … that certainly explains things (function being removed that is) … i will let the plugin author know as perhaps that might help others …

    in the meantime, i spent day plus recoding the church site so i’m back to one email per member and will leave it at that :>0 …

    oh, the joys of open source … when it works it’s awesome and when it goes south, well then …

    reminds me conversation i had with engineering friend years back who said, “Chuck – you know they never should have called this stuff software. Everybody thinks that just because it is seemingly soft that it easily changed. Humbug. They should have called it, Concrete-ware. In that once you get it stable, leave it the f* alone. Lord knows, as soon as you go back and touch one line or one variable or one database field and change it, somewhere, something else is gonna break and needs to be debugged. Bla bla bla…”

    Truly i jest although it was a real conversation with a real engineer, one with very high security clearance but i digress …

    Viva the stable code and the open source communities that promote open solutions and open awareness that work to advance the highest goods for all :>)

    cheers – chuck scott

    You are welcome.

    I guess we see this is one thing we can’t get away from all the open source CMS solutions. However I do think WordPress (because it’s PHP based) gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of being able to extend, fix or hack into the code when things are broken, comparing to DNN for example, where you have to truly rely on the module developers or buy the source code version and pull your hair off trying to debug.

    Good news is I managed to fix the issue by adding the user_row() function back in allow-multiple-accounts.php under /wp-content/plugins/allow-multiple-accounts. This is the code snippet of user_row() found from the earlier version of WP:

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    Note that adding this piece of code only will not function, you will also need to register user_row() to WP. I did this by adding this line: add_action( 'user_row', array( &$this, 'user_row' ), 1, 3 ); to the bottom of within register_filters() in allow-multiple-accounts.php.

    Everything works like a charm for me now. I will stick to this work-around until the plugin author releases a proper fix.

    Hope this helps.

    hey cassiedong – very clever and makes sense (recycling former user_row function … i’ve already re-code the church site so i’m gonna move forward without this multi account feature but wanted to test your work around as proof of concept … it did work in part in that the admin screen no longer showed errors and listed “E-Mail Addresses with Multiple User Accounts” but then when i tried to add emails to an account, i got the error – “Sorry, that email address is already used!” – regardless of whether checkbox was checked for “Allow multiple accounts for everyone?” was on or off and if multi-account emails were listed in the text area …

    i find it a bit odd that WordPress seems to pride itself on “backward compatibility” but not so in this case … i’m also uncertain why they cancelled the user_row function so will trust in process that they made decision for some valid reason but ..??..

    ditto with regards to plugin author … if it ever gets fixed, then i might come back to this but as it is, my current experiences are inspiring me to create my own functions routines but i digress :>0 cheers – chuck scott

    @cassiedong Thanks for the patch Cassie.

    I have rebuilt the plugin ZIP file with the patches and tested it on one of my WordPress sites – works like a charm.

    If anyone would like the patched ZIP, send me a message.

    All the best,



    Yes I would like to use the patched ZIP. I am at Do any other changes need to be made or will the plugin work after installation?

    Hello Kyle,

    I have emailed the patched version.

    Please note that you use this at your own risk, I do not warrant its fitness for purpose nor accept liability for its use or consequences thereof in any shape or form.

    I don’t have a WPMU installation so I have no idea if it would work. All I did was implement the patches as described in the forum.

    Hope it works out for you,

    Best regards,


    [sig moderated as per the Forum Rules]

    Hi Jeremy,

    I’d like to apply the patch to a WPMU installation if you don’t mind. Can you please send it to


    Please, in accordance with forum rules, could the person with the fix please paste the fix in a pastebin file instead of people posting their email addresses? I’ve found others posting questions requesting a fix for this Plugin, and I’ve contacted the author, but the rest of us would love access to the solution.


    Hello! I would really like to get a copy of the patched version. Any updates on if it will get published soon? Thanks.

    Hi Lorelle, Aleecel

    I am not the author of this plugin but I have incorporated the fix identified by @cassiedong.

    Unfortunately some overzealous moderator has removed the fix she posted here with some terse comment “[Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]” but without a useful link or details on how to achieve that task.

    I have sent the patched plugin out to some of the other folk posting here but (for the benefit of the moderators) I am not the author and so cannot make an official release of the plugin.

    Until the original author makes a fix (or one of the moderators is a bit more polite and explains how to put the modified plugin back into the system) you can send me an email to jtarrier at yahoo dot com and I’ll send you a copy.

    All the best,


    As requested, posting your email and such is also a violation of forum policy. Can you please share it by posting to which is the standard for sharing long lengths of code. It was what was requested originally, and used throughout the forum. We’ve used this method since the very beginning with the WordPress Support Forum. This would relieve you of the burden and help the rest of us so much. Thanks.

    I’m waiting to hear back from the plugin author.


    I don’t have the time or interest to figure out this stuff.

    Please send me a detailed description of what to do so I don’t waste my time trying to figure it out.

    The other alternative is that I dump the patched version and all can wait until the plugin author releases an updated version.

    I’m sorry. It takes less than 5 seconds to paste the code and set it for public view and hit submit, copy the generated link and paste it here. It’s also how we work around here since pasted code gets messed up so easily when pasted to a forum.

    I’ll nag the author more. Thanks for your help.

    Hi Lorelle,

    I think we have a bit of a disconnect here.

    I have a patched version of the plugin. Wouldn’t it be better if the patched plugin could be made available?

    Can that be done via or can you get it into the main repository somehow?



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