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  • In order to use this plugin you must register with the Kaltura website. It is true that Kaltura will host and provide bandwidth for your videos for free, but that is limited to 10GB (as of this date). Since you apparently cannot host your own videos with the plugin (using your own server, CDN, bandwidth, etc.), eventually you are apparently forced to pay Kaltura hosting/bandwidth fees by upgrading your account if you want to use more than their 10GB free limit. (10GB will be used up very quickly if you are hosting many videos and have many readers of your blog.) When you click the upgrade account button on their site, you are asked to provide your name and phone number to get information on how much it will cost. They don’t list a pricing structure. I’m ditching this plugin because it is too controlling and limited, and Kaltura has not been transparent, IMHO.

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  • I totally agree. I accessed this from a page that talked about hosting your own videos and WordPress was one of the options. Don’t waste your time unless you want to buy something from them.


    Thanks for writing. Your feedback is not accurate, as we do have a self serve community edition that lets you host all the media on your servers. You are welcome to check it out at

    But Self Hosted does not work with the Plugin?

    It is a great project and I hope you succeed, but would be great to have videos hosted locally on some projects.

    It works perfectly with the plugin! You can find a good integration guide here:


    Will the community edition work with WordPress 2.8.4?

    The plugin is not yet compatible to WordPress 2.8 and up – however, almost all of the features should work. We are working towards a new release that will be 2.8 compatible.



    IdoS, I have a question for you… I’m looking for a video player to use on a commercial blog (I offer WordPress setup and design services, as well as hosting a tutorial library.) I haven’t found anything on your site that implies there are restriction for commercial use of the player/plugin, but wanted to be sure before I implemented it.


    You may use the player commercially. You are welcome to contact me via the .org site ( for more details.

    I have 10 to 15 .flv video clips (run 5-8 mins) which I have uploaded using an EFT Client to my Titan themed WordPress Bog. They are filed in the WP-content file in a folder called Uploads, but when I try to post the URL of the video into my blog,nothing happens. ( ie using the insert media – URL – It gives the text title but click on it and nothing happens. I must be making some very basic mistake and I am very new to this web constructing business as well as computers. Is there somewhere else I should have uploaded all my video clips to in order to post them in my blog. I have installed the all in one video pack. All/any help would be appreciated.


    Thanks for using Kaltura! You can upload all your files via the KNC (not the plugin). Log in here: (using your partner’s credentials sent in your registration mail) and click on the content tab. There you’ll see the upload option option. After you click on it, the third option is “import from exisitng host”, which is pretty detailed. Let me know if you have any issues.

    I just want to share my opinion with other people looking for a self hosted video plugin for wordpress, that also supports playlists: kaltura is NOT what you are looking for.

    Although the all in one video pack works and looks great, the installation of Kaltura Community edition is practically impossible. I have tried 10 times, read all their forums etc and was not able to install it on my server. The Kaltura Community is 90% people with problems that find no answers.

    They have no payed service for Community edition installation and in (almost) 2010! they have no price whatsoever on their website for the payed version of Kaltura…

    So, I recommend that you forget about Kaltura CE- go look for smth functional.


    Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, it is not very accurate. The community edition’s release is very stable. It doesn’t mean it’s problems free – but it does mean that all of our users install and use it properly. There are, of course, issues being raised in the forums. Most of them are environment related, and not bugs in the release. These issues are taken into account for the benefit of our growing community of users and developers, and will be implemented in the product’s next releases. The Kaltura community is a growing community of “veteran” developers and newbies, who share their knowledge and help each other in order to make the community edition, or any other Kaltura service for that matter, the leading service in the open source video market today. I would be happy to presonally look into whatever problem you had – you are welcome to contact me via my .org user (it’s IdoSet).

    Please note that we have paid services – for our fully hosted solutions as well as for the self serve solutions (the enterprise edition). Users who wish to upgrade their packages contact us and we build packages perfectly suited for their needs.

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