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  • First, the good stuff.

    This plugin is awesome. Or should I write – COULD – be awesome.

    But it’s not. Why?

    Because it’s not free! It doesn’t say anywhere clearly (which is obviously a nasty marketing practice) that once you sign up for the account in Kaltura, you are actually signing up for a trial of the product and you are limited to 10 GB bandwidth & storage and that it doesn’t renew.

    Well, it could still be quite okay, but then, once you reached the limit and you try to find out how to extend your account / buy additional bandwidth you can’t find the prices anywhere and you’re forced to contact their support team… Why won’t they tell the prices, you’d ask? It’s easy! Because the prices are RIDICULOUS!

    It’s $299 / month for 150 gb throughout one year, so let’s do the quick math: $299 * 12 = $3588 per year! For that amount of money, you can build and run your own server or buy an ULTIMATE hosting plan from one of the many providers out there!

    Now, since they lie or at least DON’T TELL CLEARLY about the trial, 10 GB bandwidth limit without the possibility of being extended, and the most important thing – about the prices – it becomes pointless to use this plugin!

    WordPress is free and even though I understand it’s okay to buy for certain plugins, it’s just stupid to ask for that amount of money. With that amount of money, a regular blogger won’t buy it, and furthermore, professional editors won’t buy it either because for that amount of money you can build your own hardware and software solution for video hosting.

    Be more down to earth guys. Don’t be ridiculous. And most of all – don’t try to rip off people. If you try to sell something, say it IN OUR FACES – “we’re gonna charge you 4000 dollars for using our plugin”. Just don’t lie. No one likes liars.

    Anyway, I’ve been using this plugin for quite a while, but not anymore. I’d rather just pay for additional bandwidth on my own hosting server.

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  • Sorry, it’s 150 GB per MONTH not per year!

    Hi johnnyjp,

    The all-in-one-video-pack plugin is, of course, free. You can also
    download Kaltura’s free, open source, Community Edition, install it on your own machine, and handle all video hosting
    and streaming on your own. With that combination, you’ll be able to
    professionally manage videos (as well as audio and photos) on your own
    machine, and use the all-in-one-video-pack with it — all without paying Kaltura a dime.

    However, if you want to use Kaltura’s hosted storage and bandwidth with our SaaS offering (the default for the all-in-one-video-pack plugin), we give you 10gb total of free bandwidth and storage to start. When you use that up, you have to signup for a subscription in order to continue your service.

    I agree that our messaging was not clear regarding the costs, and our offerings, and we have improved the messaging on the all-in-one-video-pack plugin page.

    Thanks for taking the time to use our tools. We hope you’ll check out our software and services again.



    I think that Johnny is right but I also think this is clear evidence of the simultaneous interest and lack of knowledge in the video hosting/RMTP streaming arena.

    Many users fail to understand that bandwidth isn’t really a sensible statistic to use for video hosting formats. They think 150 GB is 150, but don’t realize many of these host are equipped to deal with high bandwidth streaming on their servers.

    You can buy an unlimited hosting plan for a normal site with many users coming on per day, but streaming hosting is a different beast altogether. Servers can only dish out so much bandwidth per second. Anyone even using a dedicated server feeding 7 users video at one given time might have some bandwidth issues.

    More should be discussed on the topic from hosting providers to users, because anyone with an monthly allowance of $50 think they can run self-hosted video website. Those days when we were young…

    Hey MellowK, If I want to use the community Edition, Does it mean I am no longer able to use the WP plugin & it’s admin panel and other features such as shortcodes ?!

    Should I Integrate the codes by myself?

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