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  • MatthewRuddy


    Having a little problem with the All in One SEO Pack plugin. On my home page the title works fine, however on other posts & pages it is just displaying the name of the post/page in the title but not displaying the name set in the All in One SEO settings, instead it is displaying the name in the ‘General’ settings of my blog. See for yourself:

    I am using the Twentyten theme with WordPress 3.0. Can anyone provide a solution? Thanks.

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  • MatthewRuddy


    I have created my own theme yet you can still see that this is happening with custom themes.

    Is this a WordPress 3.0 bug?

    I have a similar problem – on my Categories, it displays the title for the Pages.

    WP 2.9.2
    AIOSEO (said to be compatible all the way back to WP 2.8)

    I’ve tried to do a bit of investigation and have discovered that the is_category() function works fine when we get to template-loader.php.

    It’s here we do_action(‘template_redirect’) which is what eventually replaces the title with the AIOSEO title. Once it gets in there, the is_* functions go all funny – first my page is thought to be a home page (is_home returns true) and then thought to be a page (is_page).

    After the do_action, it seems to once again (correctly) believe that is_category is true.

    What’s going on? Is the info not available to the do_action? Is it just not compatible with my version of WP?

    Any help on this would be great…

    Hope ye don’t mind me “bouncing” ideas around in this thread. It seems to hold on to the fact that it’s a “is_category” inside template_redirect () but it calls an ob_start.

    The ob_end_flush is called in AIOSEO’s own wp_head function (hooked to ‘wp_head’ action)


    I’ve discovered at the top of my header.php, it had “ob_start()” for some reason. Haven’t yet figured out why. (is this included in WP by default? I didn’t start the website.)

    This is throwing off a check in AIOSEO’s wp_head function which checked if its own function replace-title callback function was the latest callback. However, because of the ob_start() in header, it’s adding “default output handler” to the list and therefore AIOSEO decides not to flush the output. Presumably this gets flushed at the end but by then it must be too late to rely on is_category() and is_page() and all them.

    So that’s why it’s happening… (for me anyway)

    So the end of the glass is that if you’re having that trouble, look out for rogue ob_start()s.

    I have problems with the All in One Pack like this: after installing it and doing all changes in the settings of this plug the home title and home description don’t appear on my site. I’m using WordPress 3.1.2. There is only one sign of “working” this plug – it shows me the name of my page. What should i do?

    @olesia, you should check your template variables, as they should reffer to the standard Meta / title and description tag(s).

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