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  • hi there,

    I posted this exact question over on the plugins homepage but I got no answer, so here is my question again:

    I just noticed a huge problem I have with your plugin. I hope my diagnose is not wrong.

    I just noticed, that all my posts had their meta keywords twice in the header. I checked for other plugins I might be using, found none, deactivated your plugin and they were all gone. I reactivated, and they were back.

    Then I edited this post: and deleted the keywords I had manually specified in the AIO fields. Saved, refreshed and now the post, has its keywords only once.

    It seems your plugin takes the keywords from the tags, then adds those I manually specified and the result is all my keywords appear twice.

    I am pretty sure I have not had this issue before, I have been a very long-term user of your plugin, going back to the times you had severall daily updates. Do you have a suggestion how I can easily repair this without editing all posts manually?

    What about a setting to take the tags and convert them into keywords only if the post has no manually specified keywords?

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  • Have you checked “use categories for META keywords”? Try if it works if you uncheck this option in the settings.

    I do not see the connection but have tested this nevertheless:

    if I uncheck that option, it still takes the tags and adds the manually defined keywords so that posts end up having each keyword twice, as my tags and keywords usually are identically.

    any ideas anyone? is this desired behavior? I am sure it was not like this, as I have been using this plugin from the very first beginning, and then I already used tags with UTW plugin…

    I just installed All In One SEO and am having this same problem. I add the keywords myself, and then the plugin adds a few which are duplicates. Any resolution to this?

    The ‘keywords’ field is for terms you want in your meta keywords in addition to the tags. If you have a particular term as a tag, don’t enter it again into the keyword field manually.

    Thanks, that worked. One other question, the plug-in puts the keywords in alphabetical order. Is there a way to change that? Or does it not matter?

    You’ll get varied responses on this one. Generally, it doesn’t matter. Without going into a long explanation, basically, search engines may or may not look past a certain number of keywords, so if you have 26426 META keywords, it may not see ‘zebra’. However, assuming that you’re using no more than 6 or 8, the order shouldn’t matter.

    Thanks, I thought 10 was the max, but I can do without 1 or 2.

    I get the same problem using All in One SEO under WP 2.7. “Use Categories for META keywords” is Unchecked still, I get my TAGS in Keywords Meta Field.

    You unchecked the option to use categories as keywords. Tags are still used as keywords. If you type something in as a tag, don’t type it in as a keyword as well.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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