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    I have inherited the support of a site and there is a problem with the All in One SEO Pack on it. When you go into a page or post and edit the title, description and keywords, everything appears to work and the correct title, description and keywords appear on the live page.

    The problem happens when you go and edit the same page again. When the page loads in the editor the title, description and keywords are all missing and you must re-enter them every time you edit the page.

    I’m assuming there is another plugin interfering with this one.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Just in case it helps, here is a list of all the other active plugins on this site:

    Advanced Access Manager
    Custom Dashboard Widget
    Executable PHP widget
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Lightbox Plus
    NextGEN Gallery
    Simply Exclude
    Taxonomy Images
    TinyMCE Advanced
    Verve Meta Boxes
    WordPress Meta Robots
    WordPress Ping Optimizer
    WP-Table Reloaded
    WP Show IDs

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  • Plugin Contributor Peter Baylies



    I’ve tested this and can’t seem to reproduce the problem. All in One SEO Pack stores its information as post meta data attached to the post; if it’s displaying properly on the page, then the meta data is saved for that post, and should be displayed in the meta box for that post as well if you edit the post. What theme are you using, and is it possible for you to troubleshoot this by temporarily deactivating plugins or changing your theme? Also, are you running the latest version of All in One SEO Pack on this site?

    I’m running the newest version of the all in one pack.

    The theme appears to be sorta custom. It looks like the developer copied the twenty-ten theme and then made changes to it for the site.

    The problem is that I can’t disable any of the existing plugins or change the theme on the site. The main reason being that I don’t know what effect this would have on the site and I can’t take the chance of screwing anything else up. It’s a live site, so what I can do is pretty limited.

    I figured that the information is being stored correctly because it appears on the live page. For some reason it is just not being redisplayed on the admin page when you edit a page/post.

    I could probably copy the entire thing to a test server, do the whole migration thing and do testing there, lots of work in this. I was just hoping that this has happened before and there might be an easy fix.

    Plugin Contributor Peter Baylies



    It’s pretty common for people to create a custom theme by using one of the default WordPress themes as a starting point; at least that’s a lot better than having someone unfamiliar with WordPress trying to build a theme from scratch. For setting up a test site, I would recommend using BackupBuddy; it’s not free, but it is the most painless WordPress plugin I’ve seen for backing up, restoring, and migrating a site, and it is well worth it. Otherwise, if you know what you’re doing, it’s easy enough to copy all the files and take a dump of the database; the only real tricky part is replacing all the strings for the hostname of the site in the database dump. This isn’t an issue I’ve seen before, but I’m interested to know what’s causing it.

    Well, I’ve made progress, set up a dev site and started deactivating plugins.

    This is the one that is interfering:


    These are the effects of the interference when this plugin in activated (in order of appearance on the admin page/post page)

    1) Revisions list is truncated to 7 oldest (not even the most recent, but the oldest revisions)
    2) Current Title, Description and Keywords do not appear in fields of All in One SEO Pack area
    3) Title Attribute field completely missing from the All in One SEO Pack area
    4) Menu Label field completely missing from the All in One SEO Pack area

    I will now begin trying to figure out if I can fix this. I can’t deactivate this plugin on the live site because the live site relies heavily on this plugin.

    I’d still appreciate any help, while I have a lot of PHP experience, I have very little experience debugging WP plugins.

    I have also posted this in the support forum for that plugin, but it does not look very active there.

    Plugin Contributor Peter Baylies



    I would suggest using a better-coded plugin, such as YARPP, but the issue is that in Related’s displayMetaBox() function, it displays a drop-down of posts, and while doing so, overwrites the $post global, so AIOSEOP is showing the meta data for the last post in that drop-down. You can fix this by saving the value of $post before the loop and restoring it afterwards, or otherwise rewriting how that loop is being done — because it uses the_post(), it overwrites the post global.

    Thanks much, I had actually narrowed it down to the loop you are referring to as being the problem and was just about to post that because I was not seeing how it can be fixed or why it was a problem. I’m assuming the reason for the other side effects also has to do with showing data for the last post used in the plugin as well. Really nice work.

    I’d love to just change out the plugin for a better one, however, that is more work than I have time to put in since all the related values would need to be redone.

    Not sure what direction I’ll take to fix it, but at least I have a better idea of where I’m headed at the moment.

    Thanks again

    Plugin Contributor Peter Baylies


    No problem; thank you for tracking down the plugin that was causing the issue.

    I have it fixed, What I did was to put the post data into a local array and loop through that to show the options. Seemed like the easiest and fastest way to fix it.

    Plugin Contributor Peter Baylies


    Great; yes, sometimes it’s easier to just hack around the problem…

    I am seeing this problem on two sites and it appears to be related to WP-Table Reloaded… would love insights. I need WP-Table Reloaded and would like to use All In One Seo…

    Hi All,

    I have installed AIO SEO just 2 days ago, but when i view my posts in (, underneath the 3 columns everything is blank, like the plugin has not generated anything, even though i have the auto generate swithced on, and i kn ow mky posts have keywords because in my blog under each post, there are keywords.

    1. SEO Title
    2. SEO Keywords
    3. SEO Description

    Any ideas everyone – PLEASE!!!

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