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  • WOW!

    Yeah, I just used a differencing tool and I can confirm that the only changes were made in this file:


    Just the version numbers were changed.

    But according to this changelog:

    This is supposed to be fixed: – Fixed a bug in canonical link handling.

    So I’m wondering if the author just forgot to submit the changed file(s).

    Well also, as is more and more the case, the repository version is their primary introduction to the “premium” version. This sheds an entirely new light on not only getting downloaded, but also selling an “updates and support” premium (or Pro in this case) version. More and more, these “premium” versions are claiming commercial licenses for the derivative “premium” plugin. Basically, the repository is not-so-slowly turning into a bait-and-switch zone. And, so long as nobody bothers to enforce the GPL license (Hey Automatic, can you spare a dime?) it will only worsen as authors feel more and more foolish for not having a commercial “premium” version.

    So I’m wondering if the author just forgot to submit the changed file(s).

    I don’t think so. I searched this forum and it looks like this happened already in the past:

    Basically the author just tries to stay in the top downloaded list by releasing useless or negligible updates. Well, it makes sense. There are MUCH better plugins out there which gain more and more popularity (like WordPress SEO) so the only “unique selling point” of the AIOSEO Pack plugin is the number of downloads.

    AIOSEO Pack is not even on page 1 of the top rated plugins anymore, I guess that speaks for itself. Some day will hopefully stop this nonsense with the download numbers.

    I have suspected a growing trend in plugin authors updating with very little changes.

    Any solution to preventing it will deliver its own problems.

    Obviously the download counter is seen as a huge indicator to the popularity of a plugin. I don’t think it is required for public viewing at all, it serves no purpose. Why does anyone need to know how many times a software has been downloaded when they seek a solution?

    For all we know some authors are having a macro download the plugin, especially if there is a premium edition of the plugin.

    We have the star rating. Change the numbers to percentages on that so visitors still have a valid way of seeing other users opinions and authors still have the encouragement of improving the plugin.

    I just realized changing the number to percentages makes no sense. Actually it is just as bad or worse.

    I really want the download counter hidden.

    Why was this topic marked as “resolved”? Did anything change?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    He actually made three changes in a row, which ended up having no end change.

    The first one was a “bug fix” and version bump. Reasonable, perhaps.

    The second one created a new tag for the version. Again, reasonable.

    The third was a revert of the bug fix, but not the version bump.

    While the end result was the version bump, it’s strong to call this gaming as opposed to simply having poor development practices. His previous changes did indeed have significant changes.

    See these last version changes:

    While it’s fine to be annoyed by this, I don’t see it as gaming the download count, as such. Also be aware that our download count and ranking system isn’t quite as obvious as it may appear. Numbers are not everything.

    Plugin Author Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    Thomas, welcome to This is a heck of a first post.

    AIOSEOP is the first on the 2nd page out of 1225, above Akismet and Jetpack. I’d say that speaks for itself.

    I’ve never made an update just for the sake of making an update and increasing download counts. To suggest that is ignorant and personally insulting of all the countless hours over the years I’ve spent developing and supporting a free plugin.

    The topic is marked “resolved” because it is.

    Otto, thanks for chiming in.

    One of the changes is a bug for sure.

    I wouldn’t go accusing the plugin author of obsessive compulsive disorder or anything like that, no, no! It’s not breaking any terms of using the repository. So I think a friendly email to plugin authors just telling them your not happy with the rate of new versions is the best action.

    Don’t really want to see these threads popping up everywhere so lets call this a case study 🙂

    Do any authors commit many plugins to the repository at once using a macro? That would be an easy thing to organize and if I had 10 plugins with work being done on all of them weekly I would use a macro. I just better watch and avoid this issue. Obviously this would not work if new files are added or files removed but when a plugin is mostly finished that is not so common. So yes, some authors with many plugins which are well supported may use a macro to reduce their admin. Maybe! lol

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