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  • Hi,

    I really appreciate the work you do for the community and maintaining this plugin. But I have to say that one of the new “features” of the plugin is really annoying.

    Why do I have to go to the configuration page and “configure” the plugin every time after an update? I guess its just to show me the donation request and the new advertising, which is really annoying. And even after I donated once (and told the plugin so!) the status is reset after every update. Guess I won’t donate again.

    Another thing are the updates self, which makes the “configuration required” global-admin-nag-bar even more ridiculous. It’s because nothing has changed! Since you don’t provide a real changelog (which I know is for obvious reasons) I checked the SVN history by myself and there are even releases in which you just changed the version number ( to! And since you are not using the “Stable tag” feature of the plugin repository, all version changes will notify all users directly about an update.

    Here is a small “nonofficial changelog”:
    1.6.6: Added big warning message that the plugin “needs to be configured” after every activation (Nothing else changed!) Commented out big warning message Just updated the version (Nothing else changed!)
    1.6.7 Changed a few lines regarding tags as keywords, added advertising, several feeds about donations, highest donations

    Please correct me if I missed something, but this list is what I’ve seen with a quick diff.

    Here are a few suggestions I have:

    • Remove the nag-bar. There is no reason for it. It appear even after absolutely nothing has changed, so telling me “the plugin needs to be configured” is simply a lie to show me the ads.
    • Release updates when there is something to release. Making updates by just incrementing the version number is extremely annoying. I know that you want to stay on the list of the most-downloaded plugins, but is this the only way to go?
    • Move the newly added feeds to the bottom or at least load them asynchronously. Every time I want to change the settings of the plugin, I need to wait now until your server responded. If your server is down, the page probably won’t even load (see other threads in the forum here).
    • Use the Stable Tag feature of the plugin repository. Don’t update everything in trunk. This way you can add nag-screens, fix bugs and so on and if you have a few things ready, tag it and update the Stable tag.

    Of course it’s your plugin and I appreciate what you do, but please don’t overplay. Thanks.

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  • Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    Don’t let facts get in your way.

    All In One SEO Pack Release History



    According to the changelog, removed trailing space from the end of a PHP file. It was more than a version number increment.

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    Thanks John,

    The changelog for that version says

    “bugfix for closing PHP tag trailing space which may affect some users – only upgrade if you’re getting an error”

    I can’t be much more clear than that.

    I’ve just gotten to threshold with this too. I don’t think I will be installing this plugin for any clients especially of they will be confronted by this update EVERY time it is upgraded, which is pretty damn often I have to say. Hmm I wonder why.

    Yes this plugin is cool but you are not going to annoy WordPress users into making a donation.

    In addition the developer has comments turned off on their website.

    That should be an indication….

    Anyway on to more interesting things. πŸ™‚

    it breaks xhtml validation as well…

    I agree! This update nagging and having to re-enable the plugin after updates are crap! I for one will remove this plugin from all of my blogs and NEVER recommend it to my clients.

    yes, I have switched to Platinum SEO Pack for this very reason. I hate being constatly nagged to donate and also to activate it. IMHO, if you want to release a free plugin…then it should be free with no strings…if not make it a pro plugin and sell it!

    Is the plugin GPL? IN this case somebody could remove this annoying bar and publish it again, right?

    quoted myself “it breaks xhtml validation as well…”

    I have to take back what I said, I thought this was a SEO platinum thread.
    THAT one broke xhtml validation at w3c so went back to All-in-One-SEO and now it validates again.

    I’m very sorry for the confusion!

    The need to reactivate the plugin after updating is very annoying. Thankfully this is the only plugin I’ve ran across that does this. Otherwise updating would be put off for a while.

    The plugin author chimed in on the post I made about the same issue 2 months ago. He provided a link to a poll asking how often the plugin should be updated which really wasn’t what I was asking about, but you should all go and vote.

    How to disable the message which appears after updating?

    Seriously annoyed with the path this plugin has been on for the past year or so, but my lack of php skills means I’m stuck on the sidelines. πŸ™ It has spurred me to finally get started to converting to headspace already though….. πŸ™‚

    This plugin is ripe to be forked already, it has actually gone backwards in terms of usability and reliability and dev’s attitude has been pretty harsh when users have politely made suggestions or reported issues, at least that has been my personal experience.

    I think it started to get bad when the author changed. πŸ™

    Shortly after this was thread written, the plugin was changed to stop disabling upon upgrade for the past few upgrades. Just upgraded again and it is again disabling upon upgrade, but also noticed there is a new “Pro Version” which offers no extra features but does remove advertising for $39 download fee and $49 per month.

    In my mind, confirms the previous poster’s thoughts that disabling of the plugin on upgrade was only to generate more page views of the AIO admin page and the developer’s links on it. It’s a bummer that such a popular plugin has gone taken this path. Would love to see someone fork this as this dev forked it from previous dev… probably wishful thinking though.

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