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  • I remember the time when All In One SEO was a good plug in. Then the developer decided to overcomplicate the plug in and turn it into a super pain in the behind. And it just keeps getting worse.

    Latest update – returns 400 Bad Request error. It; basically unconfigurable and I’m not even surprised anymore. The plug-in has been going down hill and it just keeps getting worse. What’s a good replacement?

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  • Tranny,

    Not intending to sound rude, but the plugin is free and the coder put quite a bit of time into it. If it doesn’t fulfill its purpose effectively you should communicate this to them.

    My apologies to the programmer. I do appreciate the work put into every script and I realize each programmer does it with best of intentions. it gets pretty frustrating when things that used to work no longer work for you and instead of doing what you need to do, you spend hours making the script function.


    I understand what you are going through. Have you put in a question in their forum?

    Headspace is a good alternative. However, i’m unconvinced that there’s any real need for either of them. WordPress does a good enough job on its own.

    everyone I know had good results with this back in the day, seems that something has changed and its ‘tactics’ are no longer valid. A site with horrible, non-changing, bland real estate sales ads is getting high rankings on the typhoon while site with actual typhoon (and using this plugin) information are not even listed on google alerts, as if they’re blacklisted.

    What happened, is this plugin causing a blacklisting?

    I used to have very good results using this plugin, but now it seems that something is wrong. I updated to WordPress 2.8.3 and I am using the last version of All in One SEO Pack compatible until 2.8.4.
    Now, every new post just disappears in google, just as the plug in did not work, even when I kept the same configuration that I used before.
    I wonder if anyone has an idea to have this great plugin working again.

    I really don’t think you can blame All in One SEO Pack for bad Google search results. You probably can’t really even really say it’s responsible for good ones, either. It’s not some magic google bewitching system, it just puts a couple of things in the header, which help a little bit.

    Google’s algorithms constantly change. And on top of that, google now appears to tailor its results to the individual that’s doing the search. That makes it impossible to know where any given site is going to appear in the search results – as it will appear in different places for different people.



    I heard that this plugin can wreak havoc on your server taking up loads of memory. Just wanted to throw it out there.



    Great plugin in my opinion, I rank fairly well for most of my posts.



    OK, maybe I’m a newb, but this is a nightnare. Even though I have used WP I tended to be the blogger queen (Ok, don’t shoot me). Every post in Blogger showed up 5 minutes flat on Google. Google anayltics great. Reconfigured entire blog to WP and it has disappeared.

    It doesn’t even register as existing. I have added All in One SEO, Robots Meta, SEO Smart Links, SEO Friendly Images, Google Positioner, Permalinks Moved Permanently, SEO slugs, Feedsmith, SEO title tags. No index on all interior pages.

    A big bunch of nothing showing up. Checked CSS – fine. No broken links. I will say HTML has a few issues. Is HTML the sole reason???

    What am I doing wrong? This has been 10 days now. I want my Blogger….



    Did you sign up for Google webmaster tools and submit a sitemap?
    That can help.
    Bad CSS doesn’t really block search engines and bad html doesn’t really,either. Unless you are doing bad things like having white text on a white background but you wouldn’t do that, right? Generating tons of 404s can hurt SEO so you do want to make sure your redirects are working.
    search Google “transferring from Blogger to WordPress without affecting SEO or PR” because a lot of people have written about how to do it. And they seem happy.
    You can also recreate the exact same urls you were using on blogger with and using the Permalinks custom structure /%postname%.html
    I don’t know all of those plugins you mentioned but All in One Seo Pack is definitely a good one.
    good luck!

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso


    The issue with the 400 error you’re getting is discussed here.


    I agree that this plugin used to be the best out there. It was on the top of every “must have plugins” list. Now, even basic elements aren’t working properly and all I see the author saying in these threads is “it works, it works”. For example, none of the sites we are using this plugin on are showing the correct title on the main page – just the blog name.

    it’s working fine for me, don’t have any of these problems. i just want to display the excerpt in meta description instead of the content and need to know how and if that’s possible

    it’s working well for me, too. see action on my site:

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