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[Resolved] [Plugin: All In One Favicon] problem to download my favicon

  • Hi,
    I’m working on WordPress to create my website,
    I’d like to add a favicon in my url address,
    I succeed in downloading this plugin on WordPress but after I don’t understand how it works…
    I can’t select the image I wanted,
    how can I do? I have to transform it? my picture is a logo.psd, even if I transform itself in.png or .jpg I didn’t succeed in.
    may I have to transform my logo with an internet website? (which will transform one logo in favicon). what can I do as soon as I have installed the “All in one favicon”?


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  • I have the last version of WordPress

    Plugin Contributor techotronic


    the type of the image must match the description, ICO, PNG, GIF or PNG for the Apple Touch Icon.
    A description on how favicons work is linked on the settings page.
    You could for example use the favicon generator at: http://www.html-kit.com/favicon/


    Hey there. I’ve gotten as far as uploading “All in 1 favicon plugin” to wordpress. I have the ico and also PNG file of my favicon my my mac. Great.

    Now, when I click “upload”, nothing happens. I tried it in both Chrome and Firefox. hmm.

    Next, I uploaded the file into media library, cut and pasted the URL of the file, but had same problem someone else mentioned which was when I push upload, nothing. When, I click save, it all disappears:(.. and nothing happens:(

    Just in case, I checked to see if the favicon showed up. I cleared cache and checked it out. Nothing.

    I have the most recent version (4.1), which I thought sorted all this.

    Am I missing something? Seems only a handful of us are having issues.:)

    Please, rescue my favicon from “the place between”.

    Have a great day:).


    Plugin Contributor techotronic



    yes, the text disappears from the text boxes when clicking save in 4.1, this will be fixed in 4.2 (which I’ll probably release in the next few days).

    No idea why uploading a favicon doesn’t work for you. I also use a mac and use Chrome and Firefox (most recent versions) for testing and i have no problems whatsoever…
    Do you have JavaScript enabled in your browsers? The WordPress backend pretty much doesn’t work without it and my plugin relies on JavaScript for uploading the images.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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