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  • i see that FAQ has some nice keyword filters available- but i’m interested in being able to show “All” or “Past” events.

    ideally i’d like to have a page that shows Past Presentations which accesses a [ai1ec] filter. i can see the Calendar page makes use of relative filters when going forward/back relative to the current day- but i’m hoping to access an absolute (non-relative) filter.

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  • almost got what i wanted with this:

    [ai1ec view=agenda page_offset="-1"]

    from the Calendar page’s GET URL’s i extracted and attempted to use the “page_offset” variable, but it appears it’s not accessible in this form.

    I’d be interested in something like this so I can display historic events.

    Any luck getting this to work? I need to show the last 30 days worth of events as well as future events.

    here’s my work-around which makes use of the “Page Links To” plugin:

    navigate to your all-in-one calendar in agenda view. then click “Previous events” which updates the view and inserts “ai1ec_page_offset=-1” into the url. copy this url and use it w/ “Page Links To” when creating a page.

    strangely enough- this gives me 50/50 results!!? sometimes the page that should link here still shows current events. the hardest part is to figure out the inconsistency in this use.

    view live here:

    for now this is all i gotz.

    We are currently have functionality on the roadmap that will allow you to see the previous 30 days in Agenda view.

    As well, there will be a setting to set your calendar to a default to a specific month

    Does this solve your problem?

    @sauril – yes, it would solve my problems.

    it’s some nice added functionality but slightly off target for the desired need.

    while the focus is to promote *upcoming* events, it’s also desired to have an archive of past events- which the plugin facilitates… but it doesnt provide an simple/easy means for *users* to access it.

    as a developer i can find the “Previous Events” button from the calendar page- but i’m not so certain the 0.3 sec attention span of web surfers will find it obvious. as such it would be convenient to have a page/menu link directly to past events available.

    @jimbox what would this look like to you? A main menu item that links to a calendar that starts at x days in the past?

    i guess ideally “x” would be a configurable parameter into the past.

    but more simply (for my purposes) something that just hooks directly into the url accessible by clicking “Past Events”:


    in an earlier post i suggest i tried to use the variable “page_offset” which seems to have the desired effect but found it wasnt accessible like other variables (ie: “view”):

    [ai1ec view=agenda page_offset=”-1″]

    I was wondering what it would look like to the user?

    So they click a link that says “Past Events” and it take them to what? An Agenda view with x number of past events? A monthly calendar from the month before?

    i guess example would be best. like this:

    this is the link generated by Agenda View and clicking “Previous Events.” unfortunately this is the only means by which it can be accessed (multi-click, not directly).

    i have a page accessible linked here and in the menus using the plugin “Page Links To”- but for some reason it sometimes shows “current” events rather than previous. it maybe a problem w/ Page Links To.

    (apologies for repeating previous posts)

    Grant Kimball


    Just run a query against DB

    SELECT wp_ai1ec_events.post_id,wp_ai1ec_events.start
    FROM wp_ai1ec_events, wp_posts
    WHERE wp_ai1ec_events.post_id = wp_posts.ID
    AND wp_ai1ec_events.start < CURRENT DATE
    ORDER BY wp_ai1ec_events.start ASC
    LIMIT 'X';

    This is obviously, not a valid sql statement, but you know what I’m getting at..

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