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[Plugin: All-in-One Event Calendar] Multilingual calendar

  • I am using WPML to create a multilingual website. Facing 2 major problems with ai1ec:

    1. Not sure how to create the multilingual calendar page. I mean, WPML lets me click to create (say) a German version of the English page, but even if I tell WPML to “Copy content from English”, the German page remains an empty page in the frontend.

    2. Fields like month names (january, february, etc), day names (Mon, Tue, etc) etc are not in translation files. This makes the internationalization very weak. Even if my default language is (say) French, and I create a calendar in French, if I go to that page in frontend, the month names, day names etc are in English. Well, actually it’s a bit more complicated…on the first load, calendar shows French (e.g.) day names…

    But if I go to next month, everything is English. Worse, if I come back, everything (including day names) is English. And even weirder is the fact that if I then refresh the page then first the day names appear in French (while grayed and still with the loading marker) before changing to English when page is fully loaded.


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  • Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    I am a bit busy working on 1.3 release – it is scheduled for 16th of January.
    I will post updates here as soon as we have something – so far, all that has been done is to exchange emails – there no actual suggestions or any other useful information.

    Thanks for the update, Yani!

    Have they promised to install ai1ec and do their tests to figure out what could/should be done, at least?

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    WPML reply:

    But in general, the easiest way to fix this is:

    1) Add another parameter in the ajax call for the language. You can use the ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE constant to know the active language.
    2) Get that parameter and do this at the top of your ajax process:

    $lang = $_POST[“lang”] //or whatever you used
    global $sitepress;

    I will try to add this in 1.3 but a sure bet will be 1.4

    We are making a release every 2 weeks – 1.4 is scheduled for 30th of January 2012.

    I will create a trac ticket for this task, once the trac ticket is fixed you can download the beta release available on The Seed Website (I will provide a link later) and use the plugin before the actual release.

    Trac ticket: #251

    Thanks! I will follow the ticket…I assume Trac lets me subscribe to ticket progress

    IMHO, there is more to be done to properly integrate with WPML. I’d love to hear if those can be solved already today!

    – All-in-One event calendar uses a special page where the calendar is rendered and all actions are done. WPML however creates a page per language version and can be configured to jump to the homepage when a page does not exist in the language requested by the user (makes sense for sites where the translated parts does not represent the whole original content). Thus aioec needs to support the translated versions as well and display its calendar there.

    – Because WPML creates a new post for every language the translations must be filtered according to the current language. At the moment the calendar displays the events in every language version (thus multiple entries for one item). Maybe an additional setting is required where one can set whether to display only events in current language, events in current language + untranslated events in another language (only 1!), or all events.

    – Because of the multiple posts for an event, the events attributes are stored twice. Here a complete integration should probably display an option to change other languages’ event data as well. However it is not valid for all event details, for ex. the user might want to set a different location name for every language (which represents the same location).

    I’d love to see this plugin support WPML. I guess its a bit more complicated to implement than qTranslate (which was done for example in the Events Made easy plugin), and maybe not as clean due to the way WPML creates multiple posts. But if added to aioec it would be a real winner feature for this plugin!

    Looking forward to your feedback!

    ni-ka, I think it might be simpler than you think. I’ve replied to your comment in the ticket, but here goes:

    I am not a techie, but have been using WPML for a while, and present the following opinions based on my experiences alone.

    My understanding is that ai1ec creates a page for calendar, and special posts for events and event categories.

    Further, WPML can create pages and also posts and special posts in order to hold translations.

    In fact, if you have both ai1ec and WPML installed, you can already create translations for each event (you can type anything there, including an entirely different venue) and event category.

    Finally, based on my experience, WPML does most of the heavy lifting – when a plugin requests a page from WP, WPML steps in and serves the correct translation based on the language variable. This is how it seems to work with plugins like Contact Form 7 and Basic Google Placemarks, etc.

    The problem with ai1ec, as I understand, is that since ai1ec doesn’t use the language variable ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE, WPML does not know it is supposed to serve a page different from the original (as opposed to translated) one.

    I believe that the bulk of the issue may be resolved with the solution yani has listed above.

    Of course, I could be very wrong.

    Eitherway, waiting with bated breath. I hope Yani is able to include this in 1.3

    Yani, does it look like you might be able to include this in 1.3 (16 Jan)?

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    Not likely

    I see that you have released 1.2.4…

    I’ll hold my breath for 1.2.5

    How goes it, Yani?

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    The priorities are bugs. Once we have eliminated all bugs, then we can look into features.
    The top features so far are enabling excluding of events and additional recurrence options.
    We haven’t started on this task yet and I cannot give you any time estimates.

    Oh, no! C’mon yani, this is important…

    Yes, please prioritize this!

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    I cannot put one request over the other. It’s like standing on a line and you want to get infront of the other people.
    Again, there are bugs that need to be resolved, a few features that need to be added and then we can look into this issue.
    If you’d like to speed the development, there are 2 ways to do that:
    1. You add a patch to the task and I will be more than happy to apply it and include it in the next release.
    2. You use the premium support – this way there will be a developer who will be dedicated to develop this.

    Plugin Contributor farmer paul


    @yani, totally in agreement here. Awesome job on the continued releases, by the way. 🙂

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