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  • jeezy


    Everything displays great on all browsers except IE 7.0 Pop up behind table cells and Month, Agenda and Filter are all smooshed together in the header. Links for next/previous year also return javascript errors.

    Was the best calendar plugin I could find and would like to implement this. However must support all versions of IE.

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  • Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    Unfortunately, we don’t support all versions of IE.
    We are only testing the plugin on IE9.

    I seem to have some of these problems in IE9.
    The summary popup bubbles are coming up behind date headings and other events. The filters pop ups were also shown behind everything but I have managed to fix these with css. Some help on this would be really appreciated.

    I get a crashing bug and/or scripting error in IE 7 when this is installed. Unfortunately, I have to continue to support IE 7 on some of my sites, at least for now. I really wish we could at least get rid of the crashing.

    Off to find a different plugin to use the meantime. 🙁

    Can you post any code/error you are getting when using IE 7? Does it work in another browser?

    I’m getting a crash on load sometimes but on every page load it says there’s an error on line 19, char 3; Error: Expected identifier, string or number; code: 0.

    This only occurs with IE 7, not 8 or 9 and not in non-IE browsers.

    Getting the same exact error only when viewing in IE7. Can’t find any other solutions online for the calendar but this error is usually something easy to fix like a extra comma…but can’t find which script its coming from.

    I work at a small public library in upstate NY. We are having the same problem in IE9. The drop down menus appear behind other text, and there is nothing on the calendar when we first open it; but zooming in or out makes events appear. Anyone have any idea how to fix it? This is our calendar webpage:

    We certainly support ie9 – we’ll take a look at this issue.

    Thanks, sauril. I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Our web designer attempted to upload the Premium version and the calendar is now not working at all. This is her e-mail:

    “So, I just tried to install the Premium version again, because there are different theme options available that might fix the IE issue. It broke the whole calendar site AGAIN. I deleted the premium version, activated the regular version, and still takes the entire site down. So I have it deactivated at the moment.

    “I don’t know what I can do with this. From what I read on’s help page and on the page for the plugin, the IE issues are a known bug that have no fix yet. The breaking the entire site issue is also a known bug without a fix yet.

    “I’m going to try to reinstall the plugin via FTP. I’ve never had this many problems with a plugin before!”

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    Uh Oh!
    The breaking the entire site issue is also a known bug without a fix yet. – I completely disagree with this statement.

    Can you give me access to your install, I will perform the following:
    1. Clean any errors that the plugin may have caused
    2. Update the plugin to the latest premium version (1.7)
    3. Verify that everything works and notify you.

    I’ll need access to wp-admin area and ftp access. Email these to yani at

    Thanks for getting back to me, @yani.iliev. Sounds great–just let me run this by the other members of the website development team and I’ll get back to you.

    @yani.iliev I haven’t heard back from our website’s host about ftp access, but our web developer has installed the premium version… however we cannot delete the files from the previous version. Possibly because of this we cannot use many functions in the calendar (like choosing a color for event categories, entering ics feeds, dates on new events). Here is our calendar website again:

    Here is the latest message from our website developer:

    I was able to install the calendar plugin via ftp (note for Ken: I can’t seem to delete the old plugin files, so the current, active plugin is going off of “all-in-one-event-calendar2 copy” directory).

    When I put in the ics feed in the Calendar settings, it says the settings were updated, but still nothing shows up. I don’t know why….

    As of this moment, the issue we are trying to solve (or wanting the plugin developer to solve) is that the events do not show up on the Calendar page in Internet Explorer. If the fix is to upgrade to the Premium version, then our issue is that the premium version breaks the site completely.

    @yani.iliev Our host is not comfortable giving you ftp access, I’m afraid. But we are uninstalling all calendar folders and starting new. I’ll let you know how it works out.

    make sure that you uninstall wp-content/themes-ai1ec as well

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