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  • Resolved Jon Brown


    From the demo this plugin looks really good. I have a couple feature suggestions however.

    #1 A week and year view of the calendar would be nice.
    #2 It’s a bit odd that from the single event view that previous/next doesn’t advance to the next event chronologically, but rather to next event definition (CPT). Hence, referring to the demo linked from the plugin page, if you’re on a single post view of “A concert” which recurs and click next you skip the rest of the concerts and see the Blackhawk vs Coyotes game. As a developer I understand exactly why it currently works this way, I’m just suggesting that it’s not behavior I’d expect as a user.

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  • Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    Thanks Jon.
    #1. We are planning to add the weekly and yearly views in 2.0 release.
    #2. I’ll add it to our list and see if we can add it in one of our 1.* releases.

    Hi Yani
    Thank you for developing this plugin. This is the type of event calendar I’ve been wanting. The fact that it’s so young and still does a lot of what I like is exciting!
    I was wondering if there were plans for some type of feature to have multiple instances of the calendar on a site? What I’m trying to solve is I’m going to be using this calendar on a site for a church. I want the main calendar with one group of events that apply to everyone. Then another calendar that has internal events that don’t necessarily apply to everyone. I’m not thinking layers of security or anything like that protecting the views. But different content on each. Is there anything like that in dev plan?


    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    Thank you Jack!
    You are in luck. We are adding support for shortcode in v 1.0.7 that will enable you to add the calendar to any page and specify the categories and tags.
    [ai1ec cat=”2″ tag=”mytag”]
    This will display events in category id = 2 that are tagged with mytag
    [ai1ec cat=”2″]
    This will display all events in category id = 2
    [ai1ec cats=”1,2,3″]
    This will display all events from categories with id = 1, 2, and 3
    Please note that in 1.0.7, shortcode and attributes may differ from what I used in this message.
    1.0.7 will be released very soon.
    Thank you again for your understanding.

    Yani – You just made my life easier. Thanks!! Keep up the good work.

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    We postponed the support for shortcode for v 1.1.0

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    We setup trac here:
    Please use it to track the development, to report issues and to suggest enhancements.

    I looked through the timeline and didn’t see shortcode support for 1.1. Is it under a different title?

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    Sorry about it. I will add it under 1.1.
    Thanks for reminding.

    Shortcode will be an excellent addition.

    My thanks added!

    Hi Yani,

    Although event shortcodes is listed in 1.1 trac, there is no mention of calendar shortcodes.

    Is this still planned?

    Plugin Contributor Yani Iliev


    I updated the ticket to reflect the functionality that shortcodes will offer.
    If you have any suggestions, feel free to add them here as comments.

    Thanks Yani,

    Your suggested shortcodes are perfect; the only small related issue is the ability to set whether categories and tags should be ANDed or ORed together when both are used (current OR seems much less intuitive than AND).

    It’s great idea with shortcode, I am quite impatient for this

    But may be i can use some function instead of shortcode to get on different pages calendar with different events yet?

    Thank you!

    Feature request: groups to have their own calendar in buddypress, with the option to make a calendar entry globally viewable. Or does this already exist and I’m not seeing it?

    What I mean is my buddypress has multiple groups, some are requesting the ability to have a calendar tab within their group allowing them to add events that only show up in their group. If you aren’t a member of that group, then you don’t see it on the master calendar.

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