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  • 1) I have a recurring event scheduled for the 1st Wednesday of the month beginning at 6:30. For some reason, in March the event not only replicated itself in the correct spot of Wednesday March 7th, but also on Thursday March 1st. I have checked and the event on 3/1 is not a different event, it refers to the same recurring event. So far, I don’t see this happening on any other month.
    2) For some reason, mulit-day events are only showing themselves on the first day of the event and not on any of the other days. This is very confusing when an event starts Friday at 6:00 and goes through Sunday at noon and you only see it on Friday.

    Here is the link to the site in question:

    P.S. I think it’s been mentioned before but it would be GREAT if the widget could be a mini calendar instead of a list or at least an option to make so.

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  • Experience same problems…

    Add a new topic : with a repeating event when you click on it in the calendar,
    the post event show that the vent start at the date you have clicked, and end at the date you have click plus the duration of the vent.

    SAmple :
    if the repeating event began on april 12th and finish on april 19th
    if you click on this event in the calendar ot the 15th of april,
    the event page said : begin april 15th to april 22th..

    Sorry for my english !!




    Thank you for the details – I will have to check #1 further. For #2, yes this is a limitation of the current UI which we will work on fixing.

    Sailgilles – thank you for the report as well, I will check that

    Any idea when #2 will be fixed? Is there a way to copy the event so I can show it on multiple days? I hate to have to find another plugin, I really like this one.

    *Update, as a temporary fix, I had to check the “repeat” box and tell it to repeat every 1 day until the end of the event. Excedpt it doesn’t end on the date I tell it to end. It ends the next day. Very frustrating.

    Samples here

    The event start mai the 22nd and finish june the 11th.

    and here

    I’ve clicked on the mai 24th and the event appears beginning the mai 24th (official start mai 22nd) …



    Yes, I have the same problem with multi day events, please please fix this soon!

    I’m having the same issue with multi day events. Posting here so I’ll be notified when the issue is resolved. Love your calendar with the wonderful & easy import/export features. However, most of our events our multi-day so can’t use it until the multi-day issue is addressed.

    Also, when you look at this issue – is it possible for events to have a color background (instead of just a color font) that spans all days (instead of showing up separately on each day)? For example, the background behind the event is yellow and a yellow bar runs from the first day to the last day of the event on the monthly calendar.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    I, too, would like an easy way to designate multi-day events. It does work if I make it a one-day event starting on the first day and then configure it to repeat, say, 3 times for a 3 day event.

    This seems like a kludge, though I don’t have real recommendations on how to change the display to show the event continues for more than one day, particularly in the date-oriented event-list format.

    Same problem with multi-day events.
    Posting just to get warned about any news.


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