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  • This thread/post might help you:

    Unfortunately the file class-ai1ec-exporter-controller.php ist not accessable through wordpress plugin editor. You’ve got to ftp or sth to your webspace and edit this file.
    Search for the line containing
    header( ‘Content-type: text/calendar
    and make it just looking like this:
    header( 'Content-type: text/calendar; charset=utf-8' );

    Then resubscribe you calendar in Google.

    Hope this will make it into next Ai1ec update …


    Thanks ullemehner,
    This is better :
    – Latin-1 characters are now correct, such as é, è, ç …
    – but in the name of agenda and events title, some other ASCII characters are turned into their decimal value, such as
    – : #8211 or ' : #39
    What is wrong ?


    I checked a bit deeper what gets exportet from your Calendar and I see that it is no charset related problem. The calender items are already written with those HTML entities. It might to be seen when editing your calender posts and switching to HTML view pane.

    When events get exported as ics/iCal , all “,” and “;” get escaped to “\,” and “\;”. Consequently a “&#8211 ;” becomes “&#8211\;” and can not be rendered as HTML character (by Google).

    I couldn’t reproduce to inject HTML entities (with these decimal character references) like “&#8211 ;” into my event posts, though. When pasted in HTML modus, they get automatically converted to their UTF8 version when switching back to visual mode (and stay in UTF8 then, even in HTML view). I wonder how you managed to get them in? Okay, I have installed plugin “TinyMCE Advanced” – it could make the difference.

    So, there is nothing Ai1ec plugin can help you. It seems, that you need to re-edit all your events (which get wrongly imported in Google) using UTF8 characters instead of HTML entities.


    Note: I can’t write HTML entities here – they get automatically converted when posted 😉 . So what I what I wanted to write ist &#8211 ; without the space between 1 and ; .

    Many thanks for looking at this.
    I am very surprised by the following :

    1 – when I type the post title with a ” ‘ ” i.e. with “&#39 ;” only the post meta keep this, while the post title and post-content turn this into &#8217 which is Latin 1 – ISO 8859 charset. This is NOT specific to ai1ec, any regular post behaves similarly.

    2 – while post-tile and post-content are both coded with this &#8217, they behave diffrently when passed to Google agenda with utf-8 charset : the title does not convert the character #, the content does.

    This is the title :
    La roue d&#8217 ;Hudson

    This is the content :
    la roue d’Hudson

    I have made several trials to convert $str to utf-8 or define charset=ISO-8859-1, without success.

    When I replace ” ‘ ” with &acute (spacing acute accent) in the title, the code is not passed, which looks better but is still not satisfactory :

    The title becomes :
    La roue dHudson

    I hope that all this information could give you some insight that might help me … Thanks in advance !

    Hi all,

    in this thread

    Exported Calendar shows htmlentities

    shrmn suggests something promising for html entities in titles.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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