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    Hi, again, after a long pause,

    What I’d like to figure out is how to load many of the events that my caucus has in FB into the All-in-One calendar on the web-site with as little duplication of work as possible. That’s all.

    I’m testing this on my test site:

    I noticed that some other forum questions mentioned the google calendar FEED URL, but how the heck to I find that? I can get the URL for my google calendar, but not a “feed.” This would only help if I could get FB to export to the google calendar easily, of course.

    It also looked as though this particular way of loading your calendar seemed to want to do it by single tag filter. My events are set up as, say, conference, rally, march, general, etc. If I need to set up a rule to feed into the calendar for each of these individual tags/categories, I’ll have a whole bunch of rules. And that’s only AFTER I find the correct URL for the google calendar feed.

    Soooo, is there a way for the All-in-one to subscribe directly to my events on FB directly? Or some shorthand version? Can it import directly from a single *.ics file of a single event?

    thanks so much for any assistance,

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  • Hi, once more,

    I just thought I’d add that even if there’s no way to get the AIO calendar to subscribe directly to FB events, it does seem to be possible to export FB events to .ics files.

    Then what? Is there an import into AIO calendar that I’m overlooking?

    It seems as though this ought to be–HA!–simple what with the subscribing that goes the other direction, but . . .

    Again, thanks for any help,



    Hi Susan,

    RE: Google ICS calendar feeds – to find this click on the settings of your Google calendar then click on “ICS” and it should provide you with the feed.

    RE: Importing Facebook events to ai1ec – here is a support article on how to do this:

    Does that answer your question?


    When I go to my calendar settings, I find no “ICS.” Do you perhaps use Google Chrome?

    And, as for the support article, I’m afraid you have me confused for a developer. I have no desire to be a developer, though I know more than I did when I got going. I knew absolutel ZERO about CSS and WP when I started this project. I’m a retired computer tech, but I was the type who tore computers apart and put them back together and installed operating systems and software already written, ya know?

    I thought I’d figured out a way to set up ai1ec to import events of every single category that I have defined for it from my google calendar and then just export from FB, say, a couple times a week. But then I realized that the stupid google calendar defines its calender items by COLOR, not category!!

    All I need now is a way to tell ai1ec that, say, red = rally. After all, it does use colors, TOO. Sheesh.

    thanks for your help,

    OK, so I’m very slow on the uptake, what can I say?

    I have now exported FB events to my google calendar in .ics format. I have found the private ical URL to use to get ai1ec to feed the google calendar events into it, though I would obviously have to go through them all and give them the correct categories rather than the single option allowed at the time of defining the feed.

    BUT, at the end of this, ai1ec fed in only 2 of about 10 or 12 events that were in the google calendar. They “should” have all looked the same, because they all got there by being exported from FB. That process claims to use .ics.

    I’m soooooo confused, but then, that’s nothing new. LOL.

    Thanks for any suggestions,

    Oh, again: WP 3.4.1, latest ai1ev, and



    Hi Susan,

    Can you provide the feed url so I can test it at my end?

    I’ve finally figured out how to do the longer route of exporting from Facebook to a google calendar and then feeding from the google calendar into ai1ec. Part of the difficulty was that there was something wrong with the first .ics file from FB I tried to work with, so I thought the whole process wasn’t going to work.

    I was just that one file. Lovely to waste so much time, isn’t it? Sheesh.

    Thanks to everyone who tried to help,



    Glad to hear you found a workaround, sglee2120. Thank you for letting us know.

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