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  • I have noticed the same issue and found it when trying to change a setting in WordPress SEO.

    The WordPress SEO admin settings page: ‘Titles & Metas’ has 6 tabbed content areas (General, Home, Post Types, Taxonomies, Other, Help) with various SEO settings and a ‘Save Settings’ button.

    With the ‘All-in-One Event Calendar’ active those tabbed content areas are wiped out with the exception of the ‘Save Settings’ button.

    This only occurs when ‘All-in-One Event Calendar’ is ACTIVE.

    Versions running:

    WordPress 3.4.1
    WordPress SEO 1.2.5
    All-in-One Event Calendar 1.7.1 Premium



    Hi madai and DarinRoman,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. There have been a couple plugin conflicts, sometimes due to javascript issues. Please can you tell me if the SEO conflict also happens with the latest (1.8 Premium) version, currently being tested and available at ?


    Thank you for the reply and for addressing the JavaScript issues so quickly. Also, thank you so much for offering this awesome event calendar solution for WordPress. I had purchased a developer license for another plugin with an increasingly greedy pricing model and expensive add-ons. I will not be renewing as your plugin is easier to use and just as good, if not better. When I recoup the expense I’ll donate to further development of AIOEC.

    I’d love to implement community event submissions on the front end for a BuddyPress website, and may try to accomplish it with your plugin and Gravity Forms. Are there any plans in development for this capability?

    I’ve downloaded the 1.8 Premium Beta and tried it out on my development server. The issue with WordPress SEO by Yoast no longer exists. I’ve also noticed an update to the calendar themes. I look forward to the RC or final release.

    Thanks again,

    Richard – this helped me resolve the issue as well. Thanks!

    I ran into the same WordPress SEO by Yoast conflict on my WP 3.4.1 site.

    Since I was running the std version of the calendar plugin then Initially I tried upgrading to “Free 1.8” but this did not resolve the conflict, so I then tried “Premium 1.8” and this did successfully resolve the SEO plugin conflict.

    However, now that I’m running with the Premium 1.8 RC-2 I now notice that when “Hide Google Maps until clicked” is NOT checked then the small Google Maps are no longer visible for each event (although the full Google Map displays OK when I click an event’s “View Full-Size Map” button). But, if I then check the “Hide Google Maps until clicked” then I can no longer click to display even the larger Google Map).

    One minor unrelated comment on the calendar plugin is that it would be nice to able to opt to NOT to display the PRINT button on the Agenda page.

    In spite of these issues I still like this calendar plugin. When you do finalize the next release of the plugin can you please include upgrade instructions for those of us who are running the Premium 1.8 RC-2 temp release? (if it is different than a standard upgrade)

    P.S. I was thinking after-the-fact that since the Yoast SEO conflict was merely a display issue related to the data entry of SEO parameters then instead of upgrading to the calendar’s RC-2 fix I could probably have stayed with the current release of the plugin and instead simply 1) deactivated the plugin, 2) entered my Yoast SEO parameters, and 3) re-activated the plugin and all would have continued to function properly for both the calendar and the Yoast plugins… but this is just a theory as I did not try it.



    Hi Darin: Glad to hear that the 1.8 version resolved the issue. With regards to your question about frontend event creation, this is already on our “New Feature Suggestion” list, however at present we do not have any concrete plans to add this.

    Will D. White – glad this resolved the issue for you too.

    Frontdesk – we are hoping to release the finalized version of 1.8 very soon. Please let me know if the Google maps issue continues in this version. As for the print issue, in the interest of keeping separate issues in a separate thread, please can you either log this as a new WP support question or email the question to



    Darin – correction – I just double checked our roadmap and actually we plan to add Front End Editing in a future release, although we cannot provide an exact date for when this will be implemented.


    Thank you for the update. It’s great news that the front end submission functionality is in planning and will be worth the wait. I will go ahead with a Gravity Forms solution for the time being, it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.


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