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  • Resolved caburris


    Just a quick question for the developers.

    Is there somewhere I can find a more detailed changelog for the past few updates? The one found here and in the readme are pretty skimpy on details to say the least.

    My question is specifically to do with 1.8.1 which lists “Fixed problems that were affecting some hosts”. Could you elaborate a little on this?

    I just upgraded today from 1.7 premium to 1.8.3 and I’m wondering if the 1.8.1 update fixed an issue I have been troubleshooting prior to the update. The problem I was having seemed related to the DNS cache – I needed to clear the resolver cache often in order to continue accessing the site (ipconfig /flushdns).

    I would do this, work on it all day with no problems, but then come back to it a few days later and time out while trying to access the site (it just would load forever – not the calendar specifically but the entire site). All of the other sites I have running on the same webserver are working fine and there are no oddities with that particular account or WordPress installation that I could detect, so I thought it might be related to AI1EC. The site would simply not load until I cleared the DNS cache, and then it would work for another day or so but next time I came back to it later I’d have to clear cache again.

    Just hoping you could shed some light on whether this issue may have been fixed by 1.8.1 or if I need to keep troubleshooting it.

    Thanks! You guys are absolutely great with the support and it’s a wonderfully ambitious product.

    Another small question (two parts actually) – will the 1.9 release include the option to filter by AND/OR when it comes to categories/tags (right now it only does OR but I need it to do AND), and if so, do you have a rough idea of how long it will be before 1.9 is released? If it’s not in the next month or so I’ll have to code this functionality in myself 😛

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  • Richard


    Hi cabburis,

    Unfortunately our dev team are currently busy with the next release. Regarding the 1.8.1 update I have taken a look and cannot see anything relating too the cache. However you may wish to test this. It is relatively easy do downgrade if this does not solve your issue. The release is coming soon however is slightly delayed.

    On the subject of ‘and/or’ I see what you mean. Once again I cannot see anything in our system about this however think it should be a feature. I will do some further rooting into the issue. In answer to your question I do not think it is part of the 1.9 update.

    I hope this helps!

    Thanks for the response! I appreciate it. After more troubleshooting I believe the caching issue is actually to do with my machine and not the plugin so no worries about that.

    Regarding the AND/OR thing I recall reading in another support thread that this was a planned feature – but I don’t know the development history of this plugin so perhaps whomever said that is no longer involved. In any case it would really be a great feature. Thanks!

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