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  • I know it’s hard to create scripts and plugins

    but I would like to ask and I NOTICE!

    whenever, i activated ALL IN ONE ADSENSE AND YPN plugin (this plugin)


    when I LOAD MY PAGE, GOOGLEADS.G.xxxx is starting to load already?

    isn’t that strange?

    what more stranger is, when I deactivated this PLUGIN, when i reload again my page

    the GOOGLEADS.G is gone

    I also read thread about this plugin 9months, ago, that the creator of this plugin with a nick LINEWBIE

    really did put some HIDDEN DONATION which is unknown to the user, it just so happen someone detect it, and LINEWBIE made the donation APPEAR in the dashboard box.


    Now I am not making any RANTS yet, but hopefully someone explain to me, why GOOGLEADS IS SHOWING already in my page once I ACTIVATED this PLUGIN? eventhough I havent CONFIGURED ANYTHING , I EVEN HAVENT INSERTED THIS WIDGET in my sidebar yet?


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  • The donation is enabled by default, you can always set it to zero in the options though.

    yah, it’s zero already, but why is the GOOGLEADS already loading???

    eventhough I havent “INSERT THE WIDGET TO MY SIDEBAR” just yet?

    actually, just by activating the plugin, without doing anything,

    a googleads is already showwing?

    I’m not sure what you are saying, what sidebar? This plugin start show adsense ads as soon as you put in your google adsense ID and save. There is nothing else you need to do. Just check the source code of the page and you’ll see it is your adsense ID that is showing.

    You seem to not understand what this plugin does. There is no widget or sidebar involved, this plugin show ads in your blog posts, you don’t need to insert anything, you just need to put in your adsense id and the plugin will automatically start showing ads. If you don’t want to show ads, de-activate the plugin.

    In essence, don’t use this plugin, the author is not up front with donations, and therefore misleading. You will start showing the authors ads, almost immediately, which some users have found to be anywhere from 1 in 5 – 1 in 10 ads per load. So anywhere from 10 – 20 percent of page loads, making the author a silent partner in your business, in essence, you do the work and he gets a big chunk of the pie. The author of the plugin has not been upfront with any information regarding this that I know. Frankly, WordPress needs to get involved and get the author to either be upfront with what his code will do to your website, or remove it completely. This plugin is a POC, as far as I’m concerned.

    I disagree Ronny. I have been using the All in One Adsense and YPN plugin for sometime now and even though I was a newbie to WordPress at the time, his donation method was very clear and up front IMO. When you install the plugin and go to the settings screen, the option to share your ad revenue with the author is plainly shown and he explains how it works and lets you opt out if you don’t want to share. Yes, the setting is defaulted to share the revenue, but why would you activate a plugin and then not go to the settings page, where you would easily see this? Nothing hidden, nothing sneaking going on here as far as I’m concerned.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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