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  • As a continuation to this topic which I still do not understand why the honorable moderator deleted closed it, I want to ask the following:

    Questions are:

    1- Where can my blog members upload their photos that would appear in their profiles? In plugin “User Photo” that was possible, but now I have disabled it because you (Txanny) said that it is incompatible with Alkivia. Okay, so now, where can users upload their images to be used in the Gallery component of Alkivia ?

    2- Regarding the “author’s latest posts” (which I explained about in point 3 of that topic):

    Please see this page, its the page of my account, the admin of that blog.

    Notice that under the “about me” box, which has the anonymous photo, there is a link. It is in arabic, and it says “author’s latest posts”. However, it takes to a 404 page. Why ? and how can I fix this?

    Thank you.

    I wish if that mod deleted or closes this topic again, please let me know why clearly and exactly.

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    The other topic was closed because it was about WordPress MU which has its own support area.

    I guess the post was deleted so that further discussion could be directed there.
    is where you need to ask this
    this forum is for single user blogs

    I dont understand. The topic is not about wordpress MU. It is about a plugin called Alkivia (as you might have already figured from the title). I dont care what WP MU is, and I dont want to know about it anything. I posted my question in the Plugins’ forum because it is the place for plugins, not anything else. My question is not general about wordpress or wordpress MU, it is specifically about this plugin.

    For your knowledge, I was redirected to this forum from the plugin’s homepage, being the place where I have to post support requests.

    In any case, I wish that you Mr samboll had explained it briefly why you deleted that topic. What I think I understand now as the reason of the closure, I never comprehended before, reading that reply of yours upon closing that topic.

    Nor the moderators nor the Plugin aithor replies.. I wonder why.

    Is there something wrong ?



    Please answer my Q !

    Another week and no response

    I have just installed Alkivia community on another blog, and to my surprise, I found “your gallery” under “members” admin section.
    This is missing in the original blog that I kept complaining of not having a feature to upload pictures in it.

    Now, one blog greatly enjoys Full Alkivia features, but the first one does not have “Your gallery” for a reson that I dont know.

    I have disabled and deleted and reinstalled the plugin many times… to no avail .

    Must be an incompatibility with another plugin? (Usual response). I assume you’re using the latest version of WordPress on the blog that isn’t functioning?

    thanx !

    On both of them WP is the newest version, and every other plugin is up to date. Mostly, the plugins are the same too on both blogs

    Hello, I think that I have a similar question. I was able to add a photo which uploads fine, and under my profile it is displayed. The problem that I have is that, when I look at the list view, I do not see my photo in the small icon. Do any of you know how to get the small image to show up?



Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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