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  • I upgraded to the new Alkivia .10 today. I have 2 problems.

    (1) The first is that all of the subscriber thumbnails have disappeared. The original photos are still in their user sections.

    (2) The plugin expanded the user roles to: “Author|User role” as opposed to the original “Author.” This has thrown my alignment out of whack. Is there some way to remove the “User Role” part and just leave the actual assigned user role?

    My website is:


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  • Dear Cfisher …

    i am very disterb … having same problem

    Alkivia Support: Can you provide a link to download the version 0.9.3? I need to reinstall the old version until these problems are resolved. My User Community looks horrible right now. Thanks – Chris.

    You can download any version tarball at the code browser:

    I have never understood these tarball thingies. I am also on a windows operating system so I suspect that this is only for Linux. Is this correct? I believe that this raw code that needs to be compiled? Thanks for the help. Chris

    A tarball is just a compresed package. The same as a zip or a rar file.
    Tools like winrar uncompress them the same way.



    So far it’s a great update. The author replace link is working great now!

    One thing that stopped working was using a gallery photo as a avatar.

    I’ve reverted back to the older edition using an FTP. This fixed the alignment problem due to changes in user names; however,presumably because I used FTP, a settings menu bar for Alkivia was not install or does not appear; thus, I cannot access any settings. How can gain access to settings?

    Last, reverting back to this old edition did not restore the avatar issues previously discussed. Hopefully, a fix is coming soon for this part.

    Thanks again for your help.

    after the upgrade, i wonder why previous photo images for SOME of the community is a generic avatar. i’ve gone into several users profiles and though the settings are the same for eacy there is no rhyme or reason at this time why some have their correct gallery image / mug shot displaying or the generic avatar. ty. r

    same this Problem with me … previous version if we install its not working, and new version not showing images and also not loading any image … kindly advise, and what should we do ? this is bad experience also

    The issue with avatars will be solved really soon. A new version will be released as soon as avatars get working again.

    About role names, it can show if not using WP 2.9 or higher. Tell me if the issue shows in WP 2.9.1. (As WP 2.9 changed the way it manages the roles strings).

    Dear Txanny,

    i have no problem with role. i am using 2.9 version, will be very thankful to you if you advise how to solve right now this Alkivia avator not showing problem, my users continue complaining me, and they are not visiting my site… will be very thankful to you

    Thanks and regards


    Shahil, you have to be a bit patient with free software. we must find some free time to develop and fix it, as we need first to to spend our time on our paid work 😉

    Avatars should work in 0.10.1

    Txanny – I take it that your no response to my question about restoring the settings menu after I reinstalled .9.3 means you do not know how to fix this while we wait for .10.1? Thanks for your work on this plug-in. Chris

    Scratch my last comment. I just noticed that .10.2 is out. Thanks! Chris. Hopefully this resolve my problems…

    Everything appears to be working now (thanks!) except for 1 thing: Alkivia expands the user roles, for example, from “Administrator” to “Administrator|User role” This causes everything to go out of alignment in the layout. Any idea on how to drop the “|User role” part out? Chris

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