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  • I like your project, i just searched a plugin for a little social network but i find only , but i don’t understand if could be integrated with an existing blog in a simple way.

    i’m searching a plugin for show other members profile with them private photos attached.

    The best way is using Nextegn Gallery for permit user to upload photos in them profile, with the possibility to accept and reject photos from the admin

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  • Marcomail, Thanks.

    I think it’s a nice idea. I was looking exactly that a way to show user profiles with some photo-galleries attached, and found nothing to do exactly this the way I needed. Really I’ve found some plugins to do parts of this things, but not all.

    I evaluated also using NextGen Gallery wich I already use in my blog for my photo albums. This does not cover exactly what I wanted. I don’t discard using it, because it’s a really a good gallery system. Just need to evaluate this.

    I just started developing this plugin, and will take some time to have it completed. I hope I will release some pre-versions as development takes stable milestones.

    Yes i have to say this is a GREAT project and addon in the works im using it now to start my surf report community and i can see this opening my doors in new ways with member being able to create there own profile and pictures on wordpress! Awesome keep up the amazing work was stoked to see an update today keep them coming!


    Thanks Mahalo!

    I started this for a blog that I manage just because we needed some things I didn’t found to be easy for the users. So, as I need it for my own usage, I’m working on it all my available free time 😉

    Hope to give you more development versions very soon! And I wish the first beta release be here in April.

    Hope members will support this. I want to start learning php this summer and how can i learn better other that with this plugin? 🙂
    Maybe i can help with little programming, ideas i dont know. I just want to be there when Alkivia will be big and one of the most popular plugins.

    This is going in the right direction. I am looking for these for more than 2 years !

    Thanks Onebird!

    I know this is a big project and will take some time to have it finished. But I started just with some features and more will be added as it evolves.

    Having community ideas always helps a lot. This gives sense to development by knowing what users expect it to do and what they expect for next releases. Of course, I’ll do my best to include the most demanded or interesting ideas or suggestions.

    I started this when I needed a small community and only found some plugins to do the things I needed. Of course, most of them are really good, but are not designed to work together giving me a well integrated Community system.

    Wow, this has to be the most awesome and useful project I’ve ever seen. Just like you, I would like to have a small SN-like community using WordPress instead of Joomla/Community Builder.

    Thanks for sharing this with the community.


    Well, the idea is not to work like a Social Network, as it is all around a blog. It’s more to have an authors/readers/contributors community who share all things.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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