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  • Hi,

    I updated the Aleph plugin to 0.8.1. It now works ok with WordPress 2.7.1.

    I’ll start working on new features (specially those listed in the FAQ, but if you need anything, just say it, perhaps I can do it 🙂 (of course regarding Aleph 😉 ).

    Thank you.

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  • Could possibly integrate wp comments on profiles to behave as regular comments. Users can moderate their own from their subscriber accts.

    If profiles could behave as pages…integrating post views would be good too.

    Thanks for the new upgrade.

    Could possibly integrate wp comments on profiles to behave as regular comments. Users can moderate their own from their subscriber accts.

    Sadly, it’s incredibly hard to do that, because the comment system is very post-specific and allows anonymous comments. It’s better (and much easier) to create a “user comments” plugin that behaves like regular comments.

    It is possible to create such a plugin and it doesn’t need to be part of Aleph, it could be made to work in author archives and with other plugins.

    Maybe I’ll look into it in the future. Currently BuddyPress handles this very well and soon it will be available for WP single.

    If profiles could behave as pages…integrating post views would be good too.

    Sorry, I’m not sure what do you mean. By post views do you mean showing a list of posts in a profile page? You can already do that, because in profiles you can use all WordPress’ template tags. So you can do things like:

    query_posts("author=" . aleph_get_user_ID());
    if (have_posts()) {
    // do something, display posts
    } else {
    // whatever you want to do in case the user is not an author.

    sorry I wasn’t clear. I was asking about having a page view counter for profile pages that could also be widgetized to show top users in the sidebar.

    That should be straightforward to do. I don’t think it’s something that could be useful to most users so it seems to be more reliable to think about it as a separate plugin.

    I could add some hooks and template tags to make it easier to create a plugin like that.

    role specific permalink structure perhaps? (=extra rewrite_rules)
    role=editor ->builds this URL:
    role=author ->builds this URL:

    in aleph terms that would be
    etc. (/people would be reduntant as I see it)

    see my “attempts” and further explanation at

    Yes, “searching/people” is redundant because in the future I would like to have “searching/something_else” (like flickr).

    If you have few editors/authors/etc that need a custom rewrite rule, then you could just add their specific rewrite rules:

    add_filter('rewrite_rules_array', 'add_user_roles_rules');
    function add_user_roles_rules($rules) {
    $user_nicenames = array('zyrq', 'detective', 'other_user');
    $user_rules = array();
    foreach ($user_nicenames as $user_slug)
    $user_rules['editors' . '/' . $user_slug . '/?$'] = 'index.php?user=' . $user_slug;
    return $user_rules + $rules;

    After adding that code to a plugin and flushing the rules, the url editors/zyrq should be working. The important thing here is that the query string that the rewrite rule has to point needs the user=user_nicename parameter.

    The situation becomes more complex when you change your team of editors frequently, in that case you should provide a function to get the editors (instead of hardcoding the array as in the example) and hook in some action in WordPress when a user role has been changed.

    You know what? I tried a million things to get this kind or URL to work.

    I tried your suggestion but with 2 functions and 2 filters in functions.php: one for each role and with each role an array of nicenames.

    I only have 5 editors and 30 authors (users). The setup is a bit of work but it gets the job done.
    Now if I can combine this with cimy_extrafields (as aleph says) –which I’m currently using for my author pages (– I have 2 types of user profile pages!
    Thanks Detective!

    Feature request: Let users in a wordpress-installation be friends with each other. One user should be able to add and remove friends. Like a community.

    @zyrq: I’m glad it worked 🙂 Don’t forget to share your URL to see how the plugins works for you.

    Friends was a feature of Aleph some time ago. But i removed it because it wasn’t useful for all users (in the sense of the plugin users, no the site users).

    If you need to build a social network perhaps BuddyPress is for you.

    If you just need a simple friends system, the system could be reimplemented again as a complementary plugin for Aleph, but that would be custom development.

    Detective, I’m afraid it’s still dev on localhost.

    Your integration of cimy-user-extra-fields is impressive!

    $myinfo = aleph_get_user_cimy_field("myinfo");
    $mypic = aleph_get_user_cimy_field("mypic");

    works like a charm.
    One question though: is there a way to get the thumb from the image in aleph like in cimy_get_thumb_path?

    from the cimy-user-extra-fields readme:

    If you want to get the thumbnail url and you have only the image url you can use this function:
    $thumb_url = cimy_get_thumb_path($image_url);

    Nevermind, I called cimy_get_thumb_path directly from my function
    $thumb_url = cimy_get_thumb_path($mypic);
    Thanks for your help.

    @detective – is there an old version of Aleph that includes Friends that I can look at?

    There isn’t a direct link, but you can browse the SVN repository at

    However, that version doesn’t work with the latest WP.

    Just wondering, is there an easy way to sort the user list alphabetically? Or would that require a messy sorting script?

    This is not tested, but you could add this to a file named aleph-tweaks.php in your plugins folder (don’t forget to activate it).

    Plugin Name: aleph-tweaks
    Plugin Script: aleph-tweaks.php
    Description: Tweaks for Aleph
    Version: 0.1
    License: GPL
    Author: You
    add_filter('users_order_by', 'my_users_order');
    function my_users_order($order_by) {
    global $wpdb;
    return " ORDER BY $wpdb->users.user_login DESC ";

    Please tell me if this works for you 🙂

    Odd, it seems to have done some sorting, but since not all of my users have filled out their information, the sorting seems to prioritize incomplete profiles. :X But it’s definitely a start! I’ll report how it works out once all the profiles have been filled out. Thanks!

    You can see the results here:

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