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    I have added the following <?php aleph_the_author_profile_link(); ?> to my themes index.php and archive.php files yet when you view the site there isn’t a link to view the author profile.

    Running Php 5.2.6
    Wp 2.6.2
    Plugins: Cimy User Extra Fields

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • Hi,

    Nothing is displayed? If you manually enter the url of a profile, does it work?

    Yes, if I manually enter the url of a profile it works fine.

    Same here … 🙁 profile site work but when i add <?php aleph_the_author_profile_link(); ?> to my themes index.php and archive.php files when you view the site there isn’t a link to view the author profile.


    p.s. thx a lot for this wonderful plugin ! 🙂

    sharebrain – Agreed it is a wonderful plugin. It can really turn wordpress into a social blog platform.

    I wonder if it my hosting company? I’ve got a reseller account with HostGator. Maybe sometime type of conflict?

    I’ve tried using different themes also. ProudFolio from, the default wp theme, and Personal form

    hi eac …

    in my case it definatly not the hosting company because i am on my own server 🙂 The strange thing is now it works … BUT <?php aleph_the_taxonomy_link(‘author-favorites’); ?> won´t work in my loop an index.php NOT :((

    i wonder if i can add to favourites not only on a single view ?


    I just found a bug in the plugin :'( That explains why the profile link doesn’t work.

    I can’t submit a new version of the plugin now, because it’s incomplete. To fix the problem, edit the file el-aleph/template/aleph-user-tags.php in your wp-content/plugins folder. Find the function aleph_the_user_profile_link and replace it with:

    function aleph_the_user_profile_link($caption = '', $u = NULL) {
    	global $user;
    	if (!$u)
    		$u = $user;
    	$profile_url = aleph_get_user_profile_url($u);
    	if ($profile_url !== false) {
    		if (empty($caption))
    			$caption = $u->display_name;
    		echo '<a href="' . $profile_url . '">' . $caption . '</a>';

    That should fix the problem. Sorry about that …

    any hint how to get the “add to favorites” button work on the index.php ? on single.php it works fine but not in categorys, index or archives …. 🙁

    thx a lot !

    In aleph.php, in function aleph_the_taxonomy_link, find this:

    if ($taxonomy == 'author-favorites'){
    			if (!$post) return; // nothing to do here
    			$term = $userdata->ID;
    			$object_id = $post->ID;

    Replace it with this:

    if ($taxonomy == 'author-favorites' && (is_archive() || is_single())) {
    			$term = $userdata->ID;
    			$object_id = get_the_ID();

    Does it work?

    ahhh … you know what … it worked all the time but it doesn´t show up on post that i made. hmmm….thats weird becuase i want to add posts to my favorites that i posted too. because i don´t want to forget them. 🙂

    so is it possible to show up the add favorites button even at posts that user xy posted when user xy is looged in ? 🙂


    p.s. the aleph_the_author_profile_link fix works great ! !

    Thank you for the reply.

    I made the changes listed in the aleph-user-tags.php file and it works:-)

    Is it possible to show the latest (ex.10) of the authors posts and comments on the profile.php file?

    yeah …. i was working on that too (show last post by this author) but i couldn´t solve the problem … i copyed it from the original author.php but it didn´t work 🙁
    any solution for this ?

    Try this:

    query_posts("author=" . aleph_get_user_ID() . "&showposts=10");
    while(have_posts()): the_post(); ?>
         <div class="post"><a href="<?php the_permalink();?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a> <small>(<?php the_date(); ?>)</small
    <?php endwhile; ?>
    <p><a href="<?php echo aleph_get_user_posts_url(); ?>">See All Posts by this User</a></p>
    <?php  } ?>

    Put that in your profile.php.

    Detective – Thanks so much for the code to display the last 10 posts on the profile page. Can the comments of that user be shown also?

    Please mark this topic as resolved, as the original problem was solved 🙂

    Currently there is no way no display comments from a user (at least i don’t know one). Sorry 🙁

    Detective thanks so much for all the help!

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