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    Upgraded to Akismet 2.5. While I have the “Auto-delete spam submitted on posts more than a month old” option enabled in my Akismet options, hundreds of spam comments on old posts are visible in my spam folder.

    Many are comments on posts dating back to 2006; while those comments have typically been deleted right away, they are there for my review. Over 1000 spams since 7am today.

    This doesn’t reflect a surge in comments that are caught; it’s a surge in the comments that aren’t automatically deleted.

    Further, my moderation queue is suddenly active: spams are frequently being held for moderation, because contact with the Akismet server was lost. (“trying again in 10 minutes”)

    Finally, on a more minor note, in the Akismet stats portion of the Dashboard menu, the graph no longer appears. The numbers are there, but the images are missing. This is not a big deal, but if anyone from Automattic is reading this, it may be something else to look at. (But probably not worth a separate post…)

    Any suggestions/ideas ?

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  • Plugin Contributor Joseph Scott


    If your server is having problems reaching that might be way comments on old posts are not getting deleted, because Akismet hasn’t had a chance to check them yet.

    We’ve had multiple reports on the graph issue, we are going to work on that.



    Thanks Joseph, but…

    To clarify: The vast majority of comments on old posts are being tagged “Flagged as spam by Akismet” so they’re presumably making it to the Akismet server. But despite being flagged, they’re still accumulating in my Spam comments folder, rather than being deleted.

    Over 300 spam comments flagged by Akismet in the last hour, with none held for moderation, so the server issue is absent for the time being. But all of the most recent 100 spams are on posts greater than one month old. (I stopped perusing after 100…)

    Plugin Contributor Joseph Scott


    We are running some tests to reproduce this. If we can reliably reproduce it then we’ll look at the best way to fix it.

    I’m experiencing the same issue with old spam not automatically being deleted.

    I’m having exactly the same issues, thought maybe it was just me. Buggy installation or just a bug?

    The graph stuff is broken for me too, this screenshot demonstrates the issues:

    I haven’t had any reports of it not being able to connect; just the same non deleting and graph issues.

    Same issue here. I tried deactivating the plugin and then reactivating again. It can connect to all the servers(as shown in Config) and is marking comments older than 1 month as spam but not deleting them.

    And graph is also broken! Problems on on HostGator.

    After upgrading I was no longer able to access WordPress Admin due to a fatal error. I had to delete the plugin files via FTP.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function akismet_server_connectivity_ok()in wp-content/plugins/akismet/admin.php on line

    Plugin Contributor Joseph Scott


    I have good news on the charts – they should all be fixed now!

    The ‘auto-delete’ option for posts older than a month will be fixed in update, version 2.5.1. I don’t have a date for the release of 2.5.1 other than to say we are trying to make it sooner rather than later.

    Fine! We can live with a longer spam queue till then! We love WP!

    Joseph: Thanks! Will it likely be days, weeks, months?

    Plugin Contributor Joseph Scott


    I hate to give out release dates, too easy to be wrong 🙂

    Hopefully during the this upcoming week we’ll wrap up testing and get it out the door.


    Thanks, Joseph. Looking forward to the update.

    I have 2.5.3 and it still doesn’t auto-delete the junk.

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