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  • i noticed that the content loads twice, it loads and then loads again with a fadeIn effect. It may be my computer but maybe it’s intend.

    Plugin Author manishkrag


    Hi Mat

    Thanks for considering 🙂

    SEO: whenever you click on any link AWS informing to global that some sate change is occurred and most important thing is if you are using AWS plugin then only for users your site is ajaxify not for google. Google knows my site is just a normal site.

    #! Symbol: As using the AWS your site is not an ajax site for google so no requirement of #! symbol. Also if you use this symbol then google will remove this symbol from the ugly url and make it clean then get the proper page, but I am providing the clean url to google means no need to clean the url so google feels happy 🙂

    Fadein: In ajaxify.js file near line 145 ‘animate’ function present you can edit here as per your requirement.


    Hi Manish,

    thank you for your reply. Good thinking about the urls :].

    Regarding the slideDown, can you help me with this, i’m a web designer i know a tiny bit of javascript but not enough to write the slideDown function. I’de like something like this

    ex :

    i tried to insert a slideDown event here

    .animate({opacity: 0, visibility: "visible"}).animate({opacity: 1},800)

    but it didn’t work. I don’t know how to do it, i don’t know if it’s simple or not, it’s frustrading ^^. If you can help me it would be great, if not thank you anyway :p.

    Regarding the wierd dubble loading that i mentioned before, is that normal or is my computer lagging?

    Thank you again !

    Plugin Author manishkrag


    you can replace below
    .animate({opacity: 0, visibility: “visible”}).animate({opacity: 1},800)
    .animate({opacity: 1, visibility: “visible”},800)

    ope you will like this 🙂

    i tried your code, but the result was that the content loaded nearly instantly, there was a very short fade before so i just change the default 0.7 value bye 0 on the code below and now the content loads only once with a nice fadeIn effect.

    // Start Fade Out
    // Animating to opacity to 0 still keeps the element's height intact
    // Which prevents that annoying pop bang issue when loading in new content

    here’s my test site so you can see it:

    Now i have to figure out the slide effect and i’m good to go :p

    thank you !


    Plugin Author manishkrag



    have a look

    i’ll check it !

    feature suggestion for your plugin : effect picker in the admin panel, fade, vertical slide and horizontal slide 😀

    thank you for your help :]

    Plugin Author manishkrag



Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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