AJAXed WordPress 1.17 released: AWP now speaks Japanese (and more) (1 post)

  1. Aaron Harun
    Posted 7 years ago #

    AJAXed WordPress version 1.17 has been released. The major changes in this version include a Japanaese translation, better 2.5 support for the Rich Text Editor, Shutter Reloaded Plugin support, and better trackback formatting. A huge thanks go out to momo-i for completing the Japanese translation. (The project contains roughly 400 translatable strings that range from a word to a paragraph.)

    Changes in aWP Version 1.17

    1. Core: Improvement -- Options and modules are now loaded in the init action to ensure translations are added.
    2. JS Core: Fix -- Fixed conflict between zlib compression and gzip compression. Props Mike (http://mjefferson.net/).
    3. Rich Text Editor: Improvement -- Added better support for both tinyMCE 2 and 3.
    4. Inline Comments: Fix -- Alternate comment count is now updated within template files only.
    5. Inline Comments: Improvement -- Added standard #comments anchor.
    6. Inline Comments: Improvements -- Fixed several bugs with trackbacks.
    7. WP AJAX Edit Comments module: Fix -- Small bug with menu item fixed.
    8. "Lightbox" Compatibility: Feature -- Added full Shutter Reloaded support.
    9. Inline Comment Form: Fix -- Removed maybe_JS from reply links for better support.
    10. Live Preview: Fix -- Strings like %ID are now removed from comment tag to ensure xhtml validity.


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