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  • AJAXed WordPress version 1.19 has been released. This is mostly a tweaking and bug-fixing release. However, threaded comments can now be used with many themes without editing theme files or using the AWP templates.

    1. Core: Feature — Added true comment count functions. Returns comment and trackback counts separately. Counts are stored in post meta.
    2. Clickable Smilies: Improvement — Smilies ca nnow be either .gif, .png or .jpg files.
    3. Inline Comments: Feature — New tag, %trackbacks, has been added to comment text. %count only returns the number of comments. %total returns number of comments and trackbacks combined.
    4. Inline Comments: Improvement — You may now use a separate template for trackbacks if you have them separated.
    5. Inline Comments: Fix — Comments are no longer hidden when the first comment is posted. If there are no comments, .awpcomments div is no longer displayed.
    6. Threaded Comments: New Module — Threaded comments is now its own module. You are no longer required to use inline comments to have threaded comments. On most themes, it can work without requiring theme edits.
    7. Awp Cache: Disabled — AWP Cache has been temporarily disabled in the project.
    8. Recaptcha: Update — ReCaptcha module now works with WP 2.5.
    9. Admin Core: Improvements — New admin message system during upgrades.
    10. Inline Posts: Fix — Special Effects can now be disabled.
    11. Default Comment Form: Improvement — The default comment form can now be sued with threaded comments and functions similarly to the AWP comment form.
    12. Core: Improvement — Optional “AJAXed with AWP” link is now only displayed on the home page.

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