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  • AJAXed WordPress version 1.15 has been released. The major changes in this version include the ability to disable and enable AWP filters conditionally within theme files, the ability to cache the core JS and CSS files, Lightview and Slimbox support, and the ability to load pages inline.

    Changes in aWP Version 1.15

    1. Core CSS: Fix — Removed some styling code and fixed headers.
    2. AJAX Nav: Feature — Added ability to load entire pages inline.
    3. AJAX Nav: Feature — Added ability to select what features to use: inline pagination of the index and single posts or loading pages inline.
    4. Inline Comments: Improvement — Better support for most comment templates.
    5. Admin Panel: Improvement — Some parts now blend in even better with WP 2.5
    6. Live Preview: Improvement — Merged Live Preview and Live Preview Smilies modules. No changes are needed. Live Preview Smilies still needs to be activated separately.
    7. Inline Posts: Improvement — “Protect Blocks” module was merged into inline posts.
    8. Inline Posts: Fix — Links and images with long title attributes no longer count towards the word count.
    9. Rich Text Editor: Feature — This module will now automatically work on all comment forms across websites.
    10. Entire Project: Improvements — Lots of smaller improvements to speed up and clean up files.

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