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  • Love this plugin; it’s very simple and easy to use. Great drag-and-drop solution.

    That said, I have one small suggestion – the option to switch it to jQuery. For my purposes, since I’m already using jQuery, this would eliminate tw-sack.js (and thus one unnecessary HTTP call), while it would also reduce javascript use and page filesize.

    I would be willing to write the jQuery and submit it for use in the official version. Thank you.

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  • Did you ever code the jQuery version for yourself? I’m most interested, since I hate the tw-sack.js version (for some reason it’s awfully slow on my end)

    I haven’t yet, but I plan to soon. Should be fairly simple. Hopefully I can get to it next week some time.

    Thanks. I keep watching this topic.
    Do you also see the same problem where the popup takes a few seconds to load and users keep on clicking the link? (resulting in multiple reports). Sometimes I just get bombarded with report modifications. I wish there was a way to make the report reason required instead of optional.

    It takes a while for it to do anything after the button click, yeah. The simple solution would be to hide the textarea and button as soon as it’s clicked instead of waiting for server response, then showing it again if there’s an error. I’ll keep you informed.

    jQuery version

    Should solve your multiple-submission issue, though I didn’t make Report Reason required. I might revisit this some time in the future and add that as an option. For now, this is a quick-n-dirty solution.

    Also, all of this plugin’s javascript now loads in wp_footer(). You may want to make sure your theme supports it.

    Looks good in early testing! Huge thank you for an excellent (and much needed imho) update.

    I have two small additional wishes:

    1. I had to specifically add jQuery.noConflict(); before your document.ready($). Before this change the $.ajax didn’t fire properly (got stuck on ‘Sending ..’). This is probably something on my end, but maybe you could add this since it’s pretty harmless and more compatible with other JavaScript libraries?
    2. An additional Cancel button next to the Report button would be welcome 🙂

    Again, thanks for whipping this up! Much obliged!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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