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Fix: Widget description inside the widget div (1 post)

  1. Daedalon
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hoping this will get to an official release soon, here's a quick fix for the widget area formatting. Without this on version 2.0 the widget's description text started from the absolute left side of the widget area leaving no indentation in between while the form and button were indented correctly. This includes a minor code formatting fix.

    In ajaxQuickSubscribe.php find from line 146

    //add widget description.
             echo get_option('quicksubscribe_widget_description');
             echo '<div id="QSWidgetDiv" class="QSWidgetDiv">';

    and reverse the order of these two echo commands:

    echo '<div id="QSWidgetDiv" class="QSWidgetDiv">';
             echo get_option('quicksubscribe_widget_description'); //add widget description.

    Also on line 52 there's a typo that can be corrected by changing thier to their. On WP plugin page there's "ideia" with an extra e and "a mailing to" may to be missing the word "list".


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