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  1. alexanderlamm
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Is there anything in the works that would allow for more detailed filtering of calendar posts? For instance...
    Is it possible to add a sub-category function to the Ajax Event Calendar? I have a large community, whose members are spread over most of western Canada. They host many different types of events which occur in many different areas. Ideally visitors to my community site should be able to sort by event type AND by area.
    Ideally a calendar post would have a main category (Event type) assigned to it, and a sub-category (area) that would also be assigned. A visitor to the site could choose to narrow down the events shown on the calendar by choosing from either the Events category or the Area sub-category.
    Clear as mud?


  2. blobsterman
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am evaluating WP calendar plugins and a key criterion is the functionality Alexander speaks to: I need users to be able to filter by event type AND/OR location. I am intrigued by the Ajax Event Calendar but do not see that it provides this functionality. Can anyone confirm or deny that this plugin offers the ability to filter events by type and geography (city, state, proximity to zip, etc.)?


  3. fuchsws
    Posted 3 years ago #

    these are my requirements too, filter by cat and location.

    however Ajax Event Calendar can only filter by category (out of the box) - a workaround would be doubling the categories for each location (CAT_A_LOCATION_A, CAT_B_LOCATION_A, CAT_A_LOCATION_B, CAT_B_LOCATION_B), because you can display only specific cats per calendar view. Of course this means you need to have extra pages for each location, each showing only categories for this locations.

    the only plugin so far I've found having two filters is all-in-one-calendar.

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