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    I think this is a fabulous plugin, and I very much appreciate all the work you have put into it. Now I’d like to fine tune it to meet the oddity of my situation.
    My client holds dances which end at 12:30PM or 1:00PM. If the event information is entered correctly (1/1/11 9PM- 1/2/11 12:30PM), the event appears spanning 2 days, and showing up at the top of the first day’s list of events. While this is technically correct, it is visually confusing for users who expect to go to an evening dance and return home 4 or 5 hours later. Also, it makes the next day’s dance appear as a second choice for that day.
    As a work around, I wanted to enter an ending time of 11:59PM (The odd time would be a tipoff that the duration needs a closer look) and put the correct ending time as the first thing in the title,
    e.g. “-12:30AM Big Dance”, so that it visually comes immediately after the starting time for the user.
    I realize that 11:59 was never even an option, but I’d like to use the latest time possible, and found that even with specifying 15 minute increments, 11:45PM is missing from the end of the drop-down list.
    Do you have any clever work around for my situation? Is there any way that I could make the dance event only appear on the start date, while still specifying the true ending time and correct duration? This would allow users to find the correct duration of the dance in the duration box.

    BTW, I have removed repeat.gif and its padding. Since we are using the title to display the ending time as its first text item, the repeating arrows are visually disruptive. If I specify 11:45PM, the duration time would be inaccurate. But I would hate to have to remove the duration block because that is the only place where the user will see that this is a repeating event.

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  • Hi, I too have events that start at 11:45PM but the last time increment is 11:30. Fantastic plugin, thank you.


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