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  1. zartgesotten
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi everyone!
    I love this plugin and it mostly does what it's supposed to do.
    But now I have a funny issue!
    I have created a calendar with gym-classes. Which means there are many daily events that are repeated every week.

    If I put the [eventlist] code in my sidebar or on a page, it doesn't list events starting today but it starts on the following Monday.

    Today is June 27th and it lists events starting Monday, July 2nd. If I put a start=2012-08-03 (which is a Friday) into the code , it also starts listing events from the following MONDAY (2012-08-03)even if there are events on the weekend.

    So there seem to be two issues.
    1. even if the next day is a regular workday, the eventlist starts on the FOLLOWING Monday.

    2. It seems like events that take place on weekends are not listed AT ALL.

    Any ideas on that? I would hate to take out that fancy eventlist.

    THANK you!


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