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  • Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    If you are comfortable editing javascript, do the following to the init_show_calendar.js file:

    1. replace all occurrences of $jq with jQuery

    2. replace these lines:

    $jq = jQuery.noConflict();

    with this line
    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

    3. save that file
    4. open the show-event.php file and replace the following text:

    with this:

    5. save the file and view your blog

    If that doesn’t help, check your javascript console and see what errors are displayed, it may just be your theme or another plugin causing the problems.

    Good luck,

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Any luck?

    I was able to edit the init_show_calendar.js file, but in the show-event.php file, I cannot seem to find any occurrences of “$jq.eventDialog” to change to jQuery.eventDialog. Could it be somewhere else?

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Yes, my mistake, that code is in the widgets-upcoming.php file

    Please report back if this fixes the javascript conflict.


    I tried it, but it did not work. I think the plugin does not work with one of my other plugins or theme. It is a great plugin though, but I think I will look for something else.

    Thanks so much for the timely support!

    Yep, I had the same problem. Was working great until I changed my theme to Showcase 1.0.16…
    Was such a great plugin. Thanks anyway…

    Hi there,
    Honestly, your plugin was such a great addition to the site but I also really need to stuck with the showcase template.. any idea what the problem could be?

    This plugin is wonderful but I have a problem with it.Visit my web and try to open the event description panel. I think that is a conflict with those flash banners. Do you know what can I do? Do I have to change those flash banners for gif banners? Thanks

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    I just checked, and have no problem viewing the event description panel on your site.

    Hello. I’m having the same problem, but it does not happen all the time.

    When I first visit my page and try to use the upcoming events widget, the problem happens where it starts to show the event, but then just hangs saying “Loading Event Form”. However, if I go to the calendar page or some other page, the widget seems to start working, even if I go back to the home page.

    I’ve made the changes you suggested, updating the .js file and the widget_upcoming.php file, but behavior is still the same.

    Looking in the console, i keep getting the following messages:

    No relay set (used as window.postMessage targetOrigin), cannot send cross-domain message
    LOG: [jquery.form] terminating; zero elements found by selector

    I’m not really a developer, so I’d appreciate any help you can provide.
    the site is at (Pardon the mess, it’s still in experimental mode)

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    I just spent 5 minutes trying to replicate an error on your site. I even cleared my cache just to be extra sure, and all I was able to replicate was the jquery.form message (I’m not certain my plugin is generating the notice – either way, this is not an error message) and everything is working as expected.

    Please provide the EXACT steps to perform to reproduce the error and share them in list format, so they can be replicated by others and confirmed.


    Pretty simple steps.

    • Open new tab
    • Put in address:
    • Click a widget event (e.g., August 10 meeting)
    • Screen darkens. “Loading Event Form” shows up at the top, but it just stops there.

    Interesting… I regularly use Firefox. I just tried the same steps in IE and the problem does not seem to occur there. Only Firefox.

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    I was able to replicate the problem in IE and Firefox.
    This problem appears to be database related.
    Check your php error logs, they should shed some light on the issue.


    Hi Eran:

    I tried to follow the steps you show to repair my problem. The calendar appears online on its page and in the up coming area, but not in the admin area. This means I cannot edit the calendar, I can add new events but then the page becomes empty of additions when I update it. I was able to edit the java but I could not find the widgets-upcoming-php, I am pretty new at this. I broke the calendar but was able to re edit the java back to the orignal code. Can you be specific where to edit widgets-upcoming-php? I like the calendar and have worked hours on it, Im not turning back! Brooke

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    If the calendar is experiencing a conflict, you’ll need to apply the fix you applied to init_show_calendar.js to init_admin_calendar.js as well.

    widgets-upcoming.php is located in the plugin’s inc folder

    Good luck!

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