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  • I don’t know if you have resolved this or not, but I had the same issue when I upgraded WP. However, it was actually a conflict with another plugin that didn’t develop until after I upgraded WP.

    I had to disable all my plugins and then enable them one at a time. Hope this helps.

    I too am experiencing this. Help please.
    I went from v0.9.9.2 of the plugin to 1.0.2 (Manually updated it by coping and over writing plugin files)

    If you have FORCE_SSL_ADMIN set to true in your wp-config.php file, Ajax Event Calendar (AEC) will not work properly. The reason is because the URL it uses for the “admin-ajax.php” page is wrapped in a call to admin_url(). Despite the name of that PHP file, it is not used just for administrating the plugin–it is also how AEC retrieves the list of events for display to visitors of your site.

    The fix is pretty simple: edit line 538 (at least in AEC version 1.0.2) of ajax-event-calendar.php and change the 'ajaxurl' => admin_url('admin-ajax.php'), to 'ajaxurl' => '', and AEC will magically start working.

    plugin stop working when upgrade to WP 3.4

    After upgrading to 3.4, the calendar desappears of the frontend. Widgets and backend is working normal. Someone has the same problem?
    In the console of Chrome I found this message:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object function (a,b){return new e.fn.init(a,b,h)} has no method ‘aecDialog’

    Thank you in advance for any help…

    *TehWalrus, I tried your solution but it doesn’t work for me…

    I’ve upgraded to WP 3.4 and I now can’t add events in nearly all of the main browsers as when you go to add an event the add event window starts to pop up and then disappears totally.

    Just realised it’s when you double click that it disappears (which I do automatically as that is what my mouse is set to respond to) if I just single click the Add Event form / pop-up appears!

    did anyone figure this out Im still having issues. Please help this seems like an ongoing battle for a few of us.

    Thanks very much TehWalrus for your fix.. that is what the problem was for me – it had to do with force ssl on admin. I had to edit the plugin and change as you instructed:

    ‘ajaxurl’ => admin_url(‘admin-ajax.php’), to ‘ajaxurl’ => ‘’,

    After that – clear the cache if you’re using W3 Total Cache or similar.

    All fixed and relieved..

    I tried the same to the ajax.php but had no luck am i using the wrong path. I dont have a cache plugin in do i need to clear my browser history.

    ‘ajaxurl’ => ‘’,


    Doesn’t work for me…please help

    Unfortunately, even with these tricks my Ajax Event Calendar not work since it is the same as the member Vissa, ie nothing appears even with WP deactivated Super Cache. I think the number of post’s an update was even necessary for the mess in the code with other versions coming out could bring more problems to our wordpress. Thanks and look forward to reviewing Ajax Event Calendar because it is what I use in my projects and would not change.

    Atticus_Finch12’s solution worked for me. In this case it was the WP Socializer. On other sites, the Socializer works just fine for me, but I think these two plugins are just not compatible.

    This is an excellent way to circumvent this problem we made ​​by the chris1407. For me it worked but was in the functions.php of my project instead of the Header. This is the link Thank you.

    Here is the fix for the issue with jquery 1.8. After modifying my theme my calender stopped working. My new theme uses Jquery 1.8. In turn if your site uses Jquery 1.8 this is the fix for you.

    open the file in the calendar plugins javascript folder called jquery.fullcalendar.min.js and do a find and replace for curCSS to css.

    There are about twenty curCSS that you need to modify to css. after you make those changes and save and uploaded back to the plugin folder were it goes. It should work. Make sure to back up your data just in case. Hope this helps

    Thank you @johnaustinny, that worked for me.

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