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  • Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Field modifications are constantly being made based on user feedback, please be specific about your address field needs.


    hi, Quick feedback! Thanks.

    Address formats vary quite a lot around different countries so it is difficult to be perfect for everyone. the only way to do that would be to let users modify/create fields themselves.

    But here are some specific suggestions:

    – STREET ADDRESS / a long text field
    – STREET ADDRESS 2 / idem (some addresses require two street address lines)
    – POSTAL CODE / this should be at least, say, 10 char long and not limited to numbers. In many countries postal codes includes letters and often dashes
    – CITY / text field that also needs to be pretty long (in my location it could e.g. be 25 characters long)
    – STATE/COUNTY/REGION / This needs to be a fairly long text field too. In the US it can be 2 chars but in some countries it needs to be the full name of the place. (And in some countries it does not exist.)

    I would also recommend that they appear in that order.

    I think that should cover most of it.

    You can see quite a few examples here:

    In any case, I have just started to use the plugin and I think it looks very nice and works well!

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    The form settings as of version are, as follows:
    Street Address – 100 character max
    Street Address 2 – Not Available (haven’t received requests for this until now – will consider for future releases)
    City – 50 character max
    State – 3 character max (haven’t received requests for this until now – will consider making this field longer in future releases)
    Country – Not Available (hadn’t imagined the calendar would ever be used for multi-country locales, but will consider adding this field in future releases)

    All fields can currently be hidden, displayed or required. Hiding them removes them from the entry form.

    In future releases I am going to include customization of event detail and event list layout, which will address your request for field order.

    As it stands, the plugin can accommodate the majority of your requests, I’ll make mention of any changes to these fields in the changelogs when these modifications are added to the plugin.

    One final note, any field can be renamed by creating a localization file. For example, if a UK implementation of the calendar wanted to show Region instead of State, they could simply create a en_GB PO file that translates the State field as Region or County.

    Your feedback is appreciated,

    Yes, you’re right, most of it is ok.

    Second address line would probably be useful, certainly state/county/region that is more than 3 characters long too.

    10 char postal code that is alpha seems OK as it is.

    I’d also suggest that the display on the front end, that is today CITY STATE, POSTALCODE should be broken in two lines with city on a separate line.

    I’d also suggest including Country.

    FYI: We currently have events in more than five different (European) countries on our calendar. On a site that is bilingual with pages in English and Swedish. (


    I am in fact building a website that trying to use the calendar for events in many countries, so having a country field is in my case actually necessary to use this plugin. There’s no harm in giving it as an option that users can hide, is there?

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    The next version will include a country field.

    Awesome. Thank you.

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    To properly consider all requests, all features and bugs should be submitted to the new issue tracker.

    If you have not already done so, please take a few moments to complete this feedback form. Your answers will help determine future plugin development. Please submit your responses only once, multiple submissions are automatically excluded.

    Calling all Beta Testers! The 1.0 release is now available for testing.

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