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    First off, thank you for the plugin it’s the best I’ve found so far and by far the nicest looking.

    I have a very specific requirement that I’m hoping to find a solution to quickly as it’s for a client, any help is greatly appreciated.

    I am using the calendar as a sort of availability calendar, using categories to designate Available, Potentially Available and Unavailable all colour coded, this part works perfectly. (it’s for a wedding venue website)

    What I need is the ability to add multiple dates at a time but have them inserted as individual events on each day, I don’t want one long event stretching across 5 months to say that that block is available as it makes it impossible to change one day in the middle of that block to unavailable. I need to be able to drag from the 1st of january to any given date and have it add each day as individual events and not one long event. I hope that makes sense.

    I was thinking of using a database hack as a temporary solution just so I could fill in hundreds of dates for my client in the short term but not sure on a long term solution.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    In addition to recurring event functionality, the calendar supports copying existing events at irregular intervals; to do so simply:

    Create an event.
    Click on the event to edit.
    Edit the date/time.
    Click copy.

    Hey Eran, thank you for the speedy reply but I am afraid I dont think any of that will work.

    Here is a screenshot illustrating my problem (, I have set lots of dates using the recurring event option, but lets say I wanted to set one of those time slots to unavailable because somebody made a booking, it changes every event attached to that recurring event and not just the day I selected.

    I assume the functionality I am looking for doesn’t exist in the calendar, but even a point in the right direction for modifying the code would even help!

    Thank you.

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    The calendar allows both recurring events AND copying events.
    True, recurring events do not allow you to modify individual events.
    However, as I suggested above, copying events allows you complete control of each unique event instance.

    Good luck!

    I am currently using copy, but it is tediously slow when there over 300+ events to input, with two time slots per day (doubling the amount of copying to do). Is there a way of mass copying, like copying one day over a long period of time? That would be my savior.

    Thanks again for your input, I am eager to stick with this calendar as its the best visually and for ease of use (bar my one requirement!). Will be using on some upcoming projects as well.

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Sorry, the calendar was not designed for your intended need – you can post a feature enhancement request on the issue tracker (and if it gains popular traction, I will consider it for a future release). Given the urgency of your need, I think you may be better off finding an alternate solution, as there are several large requests already in queue with no defined timeline – so it could be a long while before I’d even have time to consider your request.

    Fair enough it’s what I suspected! Thank you anyway.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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