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    From what I’ve seen, this calendar should be the right fit for my site.

    However, when I try to add or edit the default event, the window that loads does not load fully.

    Here is an image:

    As you can see, the window does not fully load.

    I have disabled ALL plugins, except Gantry. Sadly, the WP template I use needs Gantry to run. I’m not sure if this is the cause but since I can not disable it, I can’t check to see if this is the cause.

    Ganty Framework is by the people at RocketTheme ( and the way they design their templates is to run off of Gantry.

    I really need this calendar and my website goes live in less than a week.

    Is there any way that you can find out if Gantry is indeed the culprit and if there is any way around fixing the ability to add/edit events?

    Thanks and really hope you can help!

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  • Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Check your javascript console for errors.

    Not getting any errors in the javascript console. Checked in 2 browsers and nothing came up for errors and still only gave me a partial add event window.


    Firefox loads the entire calendar but Internet Explorer 8 doesn’t. This wouldn’t be a problem for me, but I’ve got a few people that wil be editing the calendar for me and I don’t want to force them to download a new browser just to do so.

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    It’s best to search the forum for answers before posting issues, often times others have already raised the issue and received a solution…

    Refer to this post for the solution

    I’m sorry, but this hasn’t resolved my issue. I already edited those files previously as the calendar wouldn’t even show up in wp-admin before.

    After I edited the .js the calendar became visible in wp-admin, however, the drop down “add/edit” event window would not load fully.

    As I have recently found out, as described in my previous posts, the calendar LOADS in IE and Firefox. The only thing that doesn’t load in IE is the “Add/Edit Event” popup/dropdown/whatever kind of a file it is.

    Once again, this is not a resolved issue as I had previously taken the steps you suggested and the error still remains.

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Again, with a little searching you would have found this.

    That is why it is critical to fully explain the symptoms of the issue, because “…the window does not fully load…” was not a sufficient explanation to correctly diagnose the issue.

    Thank you kindly. I’m sorry if my reply came of snarky, just that there are those of us who aren’t 100% versed in all aspects of web design/coding.

    So when you ask me to search for something that I don’t know what to search for (as those posts didn’t describe the exact issue I was having) it’s kind of like giving me a fishing pole in the desert and asking me to catch a fish.

    IT’s now working in IE. Now to search the rest of the threads to find why the calendar is not showing up on the page I added [calendar] to. Even though I removed the commas, it’s not showing up on the front end, but is in the wp-admin.

    But I’ll use search for that. Thanks again 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    If you’re creating a custom template make sure to include the wp_footer as described in this post several threads down or the javascripts that run the calendar never get loaded.

    I’ve sent in a request to the people that made my theme and asked if they can guide me to the correct files to place the code into.

    The theme I use doesn’t have any of the </body> or </head> info in the header.php or footer.php. Might have something to do with the Gantry framework the theme runs off of.

    Hoping they get back to me soon.

    Ok, they got back to me and asked me to edit the theme’s index.php file. That didn’t work, but it did get me thinking…

    When I add [calendar] to the page, it does not show the calendar item itself, but it does show me “Add Events”.

    I’ve got 3 events listed already so if the calendar was visible, I assume they would be there.

    I’m not sure if all the others were able to see “Add Events” as they didn’t describe that they did. I’m just wondering if there is something else keeping the calendar from showing or if it is indeed having to add the code before </body> and </head>. I am assuming that it is, just having to find the correct place to add it is the issue.

    Will post if I find out something.

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