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  • I’ve tested this plugin and activated it.
    Then I went to Google Webmaster Tools and tried the Explore as Google option
    The html version that Google crawler gets it’s the same as the normal user, without the html for the comments.
    Therefore it only gets this part…

    <div id="comments">
    			<noscript>JavaScript is required to load the comments.</noscript>
    <div id="comments-loading" style="display:none">Loading comments...</div>
    <div id="comments-loaded"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById('comments-loading').style.display = 'block';</script>		</div>

    So I’m afraid that Google will lost all the comments content.
    Thanks for your support

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  • Short answer, Yes, the comments are recognized by both Google and Bing.

    1. As the plugin’s description says, the “Initial development of this plugin was commissioned by Google”.

    2. Read this post about the plugin by Mark Jaquith:

    The comments on this post are loaded asynchronously with an XHR (known to laymen as “AJAX”) from the server. This makes the initial HTTP GET for the page much faster, and delivers a better user experience for pages with large numbers of comments.

    If you use a newer browser (like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox 4), when you click on the previous/next comment navigation links those comments will also be fetched using an XHR. The rest of the page, which doesn’t change, doesn’t have to be downloaded again. Look at the URL as you change pages — it updates to reflect the page you’re viewing! After navigating through comments pages asynchronously, try using the “Back” button on your browser. You will have distinct history states for each comments page, using new HTML 5 window.history.pushState(), window.history.replaceState() and window.onpopstate functionality.

    No changes have been made to this theme or to the WordPress core. This plugin functions entirely by using the WordPress hooks system, and it should work with any theme that uses the standard comments template functions.

    Without this plugin active, this page’s HTTP GET (uncompressed) is approximately 186.3 KB. With the plugin active, it is approximately 10.8 KB.

    The onload event for this page fires 2x faster. The HTML is generated by the server 6x faster. The HTML downloads 3x faster.

    Yes, it looks like it should have no problems with Google indexing.
    But then, again (and sorry for insisting) why on Google Webmaster Tools doesn’t show the comments under the Explore as Google Option?
    I need to be 100% sure before activating this plugin, that’s why I insist.
    Thanks in advance

    This is a really great plugin for those posts with tons of comments.

    I’ve tested it and it seems that Googlebot is not capable of crawling the comments that is loaded through Ajax method. (Although Matt Cutts did say their Googlebot is capable of doing that)

    I posted a unique article with a comment. After 1 day, the post has been indexed and can be found in Google SERP but not for the comment. I viewed the cached version from Google SERP and the comment area only shows “Loading comments…”
    Searching the exact sentence from the comment is also not found.

    Speed is good, but preventing the comments from being indexed is bad for SEO. Unless you don’t want the comments to be indexed and has tons of comments, then this plugin is for you. Otherwise, wait until Googlebot gets smarter or an update on the plugin.

    I noticed that the test post has all the comments indexed (appears in cache).

    My above comment is based on a custom theme, it is possible that it works on the default TwentyTen theme. Will investigate further and post an update upon new findings.

    Appreciate your investigations, raymondcc
    When you have thousands of comments, it’s not easy to decide whether to activate or not such a plugin 🙂

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