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  • After testing numerous calendar plugins, I decided on the Ajax Calendar. For the most part, I like the way it works but I discovered a problem with the way the Upcoming Events widget displays.

    I have the widget in a sidebar. The widget only allows a display option of how many weeks should be displayed. But the widget is located in a sidebar that I want to have a fixed height.

    If the next week has few events, the widget displays those events and blank space underneath. I’m okay with that. If the next week has a lot of events, the widget displays them all, expanding the height of the widget so that the areas on display to the side of the widget now have huge white spaces. That does not look right.

    What I would prefer to see is the choice of How Many Weeks to display changed to How Many Events to display. That way, I could have (lets say) six or seven events (whatever will fit) in the widget and it will be more or less the same size at all times.


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  • I agree and was just researching if this was possible, like maybe with a PHP include instead of using the widget… but an option in the widget would be okay too. The number of events in the upcoming month could vary from 0-75!

    FYI, the reason I made the option in terms of weeks and not number of events, was for instances where events are spread out over long a duration and nothing was being displayed in the widget. As I indicated in this post, I will be adding another filter to the widget in the next release to accommodate the opposite scenario, too many events displaying in a short duration.


    Is there any way to change the way the widget displays? I would like to have it present in a side-ways view verses up and down. I would like it to be in the footer or toward the top of the page.

    Changing the orientation of the widget items is not something defined in the plugin. The theme you use determines the widget layout, any override of this orientation may not work across themes.

    That said, you can try by adding the following to the custom.css file:

    ul#upcoming_events li {
         display: inline-block;

    Again, this falls outside of the plugin functionality, and should be handled by your theme.


    Sounds good, thanks again!


    I am using Standard theme, and I have placed the widget – but it is showing without a background color and in very large text.

    1) How can I get a colored box behind it, similar to what you see behind the ‘Home’ copy?

    2) How do I change the font type, size, and color?

    3) How do I adjust the content displayed, so that it provides the date as a range (October 17-20, 2011)?

    Thank you for your help!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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