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  • I’ve actually updated to 3.0.2.

    When I upgrade the plugin and re-add it to my active widgets, the Ajax doesn’t work. I see the inline JavaScript and all the bits I expect in the click event definitions, but I get direct links to the archive page for the previous month, not Ajax behavior.

    2.4.10 works fine (which I’ve put back on my site).

    How can I help debug this – I love this plugin and I think I really love how you’re reworked it – I suggest continuing to include a prototype CSS file so we can have the right structure and class/ids ready to edit to match our site; I could add that to my main CSS and save a file download to the client.

    Thanks! – Bob

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  • Plugin Author John Godley


    If you can show me a site where it isn’t working then I’ll take a look.

    The calendar uses the default WordPress calendar. All class names and IDs are standard, as per WordPress. If you need an example take a look at Twenty Ten

    I’ve updated again, and I’ll leave it there for a while til I see you’ve commented back (the widget is in the sidebar near the top). The site URL is

    Thanks very much! – Bob

    Plugin Author John Godley


    Your page is being compressed and it was mangling some of the inline JavaScript. I’ve released 2.5.1 to try and work around this.

    Thanks, yes, 2.5.1 works!

    I’m using W3 Total Cache to minify and in some cases aggregate CSS and JavaScript files to reduce the number and size downloaded to speed up page loading.

    Thanks! – Bob

    I still having problem with this plugin after an upgrade to 3.0.2. I’m using element of seo theme and a few plugins (can give list if needed). it was working with 3.0.1. I also upgraded it to version 2.5.1 but it’s still the same, the calendar came, but fomatting and the highlight on post dates is gone.

    You can observe the results on the third place on the right column of this site:


    The version 3.0.x code no longer includes CSS to make it look “pretty.” You could take the 2.5.x kit, edit the .css file that’s included and paste the content at the end of your theme’s style.css file; that should make it look like it did before.

    – Bob

    Plugin Author John Godley


    That is correct. The plugin now assumes your theme styles the calendar, like Twenty Ten does

    Sorry but I’m lost in these version number. I assume 3.0.x means wordpress code, but 2.5.x refers to what? I assumed it was the plugin but I could not find any CSS on the plugin code.

    I’m not a web developer (just a sysadmin using wordpress for a personal site) so it’s not clear to me wich CSS I have to find (you refers to 2.5.x WordPress version ?)

    Sorry – the version numbers are for the plugin (I think it’s at 3.0.2 in release now, which is interesting given the WP version).

    The 2.5 version of the plugin had a CSS file. That has been removed from the 3.x version of the plugin. You can go get the older version of the plugin from the WordPress site. Unzip that kit and extract the .css file that is inside. Copy the content of that file to the pasteboard, then open up the style.css file for your theme in the Theme editor in the administration pages. Paste the file content at the end of the style.css file. Update the file and try reloading your site (use shift + the reload button). You should see the same thing you did with the older 2.5 version of the plugin.

    Didn’t know your skill level and wrote that quickly, hope this is clearer.

    Questions? Ask some more! Thanks! – Bob

    Plugin Author John Godley


    2.5.1 is the version of the plugin. 3.0.2 is the latest version of WordPress. You can find older versions of the plugin here:

    Yes, I just checked, my bad – 2.5.1 is the latest plugin version, so you should grab the previous version from the WordPress plugin archive to extract the CSS file that you’ll need to append to style.css.

    Sorry for the confusion. – Bob

    Thanks, its clear, I was just confused about the version numbers. I took code from the calendar.css file in the 2.4.10 version and than I edited my style, now everything is working fine.

    Many Thanks

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