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  • Hi, cool plugin. Under the login page section it would be great if you could:

    a) hide register link completely
    b) change text of register link
    c) change where register link redirects to, eg, a blog post that provides information about registering etc.

    Many thanks and would greatly appreciate if these tweaks could be added.

    1 other thing, noticed in colourizer that even if I specify active menu colour that the menu colour overrides that (hope that makes sense).

    Thanks again.

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  • Hi,

    That can be done. You could expect it in one of the next two new plugin versions. Thanks for suggestions.

    I am not sure what is your question regarding admin menu Colorizer options. Can you send an image describing what’s the result and what is expected?


    Thanks for the update. Do you have a rough time frame on including theses suggestions? 🙂

    Re the colorizer, if you change active menu color then go and chane menu color it also shows active menu color changing too. It works if you start from the top and work your way down the colorizer though 🙂

    Oh I see it now. But that’s only while editing, if you save changed settings, should be fine. I will however put this in bug list. Not sure when new release will be ready, but certainly not before WP 3.4. Probably several weeks after that, might be sooner if something unexpected comes up with 3.4


    Many thanks for the reply 🙂

    Any idea on the update timeframe now :)? How did the plugin handle 3.4? 🙂

    Not sure yet. AGCA is pretty stable with WP 3.4. Next version would probably go with some new features, not only bug fixes.


    Really cool plugin and you saved me so much time! Tried modifying the CSS files and it was a pain. Thank you so much!

    For future versions, it would be nice to have separate settings for the different user groups. This will make it super customize-able!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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