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  • I have to agree about the force to install jetpack. I tried it, but I found it slowed my site, and broke other plugins. I liked After the Deadline & Grunion Contact form, so I installed only those and am happy with them. Oh well, there’s lots of other plugins I can move to.

    It’s ridiculous and only serves to tie you to Automattic’s crap. The only true purpose I can find is that it allows them to use Jetpack to track your site’s traffic. 90% of JP is bloatware full of shit you can’t disable and don’t need. Lets go through them:

    WordPress Stats: It’s powered by Quantcast, so it isn’t something that WP developed on their own. It’s just a limited skinning of data you can already get by adding Quantcast’s tracking code to your site.

    Comments: WordPress already has built-in commenting, why the need for a secondary system?

    Subscriptions: Not necessary for the vast majority of people or sites. You want people to visit your site, don’t you?

    Contact Form: Most themes include a contact form template and there are plenty of plugins out there that don’t require you to log into someone else’s site to use them.

    Sharing: Most themes include social media and there are tons of plugins out there that don’t require you to log into someone else’s site to use them. BTW, isn’t Enhanced Distribution (below) the same thing as Sharing?

    Gravatar Hovercard: One of the most useless pieces of shit on the planet and virtually impossible to remove from WordPress. I have a profile photo for virtually every social network, why do I need to create yet another one on another site that only works on other WordPress sites? 90% of readers don’t have gravatar accounts, so the fugly icon is used instead. Thanks Automattic.

    Shortcode Embeds: WordPress and themes already does this. url shortner: Most social media sharing plugins already do this (and wordpress has a built-in shortner already). Why do we need this?

    Beautiful Math: Really? To whom is this a need?

    Extra sidebar widgets: If this is so important, why not build it directly into the next version of wordpress? There’s also already plugins that do this.

    Enhanced Distro: Sharing plugins do this. WordPress SEO does this. BTW, isn’t Sharing (above) the same thing as enhanced distribution?

    Custom CSS: If someone’s changing their theme’s css, do they really need a plugin to allow them to do it? If they know how to code CSS, they’re doing it in a child theme or directly into the theme using ftp.

    Deactivate the bloat you don’t need, and enjoy the things you do.

    If the association with quantcast bugs you, check out this plugin:

    Have you even installed the plugin? 90% of Jetpack’s plugins CAN’T be deactivated (as stated in the second sentence in the post you’re replying to). They’re just there.

    If it’s so important to have “pretty math”, build it into WordPress.

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    Not true. You can deactivate Jetpack components. Hit the [ Learn More ] button, then you’ll see a [ deactivate button ] which will deactivate that component.

    It still does not explain the reason to require it to become part of Jetpack and to connect your site to’s services in order to continue using it.

    Dane, if you have a support problem, define the problem. You haven’t yet.

    If you don’t like automattic glomming all of their plugin properties into one large hot mess in an effort to increase their brand and monetize their products, then go start a blog about it.

    Um, I didn’t start the thread, simply remarked that I agree with the originator and why, just like you weren’t asked to participate in it. Correct?

    You didn’t address any of the questions asked (other than to argue), so why are you posting? Not to mention someone shouldn’t have to install a plugin to turn off something another plugin does.

    A bit annoyed with this too. I don’t need and I don’t want all the stuff in jetpack. So I’ll stick to the old version of After the deadline I suppose …

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    may be someone can create a fork of this project and maintains it…

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