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  • Hi Andy ,
    sorry I havent had time to get back to this in a while.
    I tried with latest version using Affiliate Window zipped csv and got the following:

    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/goalpost/public_html/xxxxxx/yyyyyy/wp-content/plugins/affiliate-hoover/model/Form_Model_Alpha.php on line 574

    Ill try upload direct file and report back.

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    I tried uploading direct but reported “Only upload XML or CSV files”. I thought it could upload zipped files and unzip then.

    Ive uploaded file unzipped ( as csv and it can see it now ,didnt error )

    Ive created template , then tried “Create & Update” , then “Create only” , then Sync but nothing gets posted..

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author AndyWalpole


    sorry about the delay in getting back.

    I’ll take a look at it over the weekend.

    If you can can you email me the files in question:



    I’m getting this problem too 🙁

    When I first installed the plugin to test it out it seemed to work fine.

    Now, when I try to upload a file I’m getting this error message.

    I’ve tried several files

    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in public_html/wp-content/plugins/affiliate-hoover/model/Form_Model_Alpha.php on line 574

    Plugin Author AndyWalpole



    Are you uploading a file as a CSV file from your desktop or from a remote URL?

    Either way can you send me the file in question or the url to



    Plugin Author AndyWalpole


    I see what you mean. It’s do with the categories. If I create my own categories it processes the file fine but if I use the code that represents the category in the file it creates an error. I’ll take a look into it.

    Plugin Author AndyWalpole


    Okay, firstly one of the files that you emailed me is badly formatted. If you look at it you will see hundreds and hundreds of blank entries with no content. That threw a total wobbly when I tried to enter it. That should be producing an error message really before it tries to insert the contents into the database. I’ll look into it when I have time.

    The actual problem was caused by selecting the category column on the CSV file but when it encountered a row that was blank it threw an error. I’ve now changed the code so that if the category is empty it just passes over it and the post has no categories added to it.

    I’ve tried it on a test domain and I created 1000 items:

    I’ll email you the new plugin. If it works okay can you let me know then I’ll release a new version to the WordPress depositary.


    Plugin Author AndyWalpole


    I tried to email you the plugin but it bounced back for some reason

    You can download it here instead:

    If it works okay then let me know and I’ll release a bug fix update



    Hi Andy

    It seems to be working ok now. Thanks so much!



    Hi, a quick question

    If I have a CSV with lots of products and lots of different categories eg. wood craft, paper craft etc

    What’s the best way to import these in to WordPress so that I can display these posts by category?

    Would I need to created the categories in my CPT and import the csv file for each category separately?

    Many thanks for your help

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