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  • I inserted the PHP call into a template for pages and that’s working well. But I created an advertisement widget for the side bar and it shows on all my post pages but on a regular “page” a white box the size and postion of the ad is the last shows and then fills with background image. A space is left for the ad in the sidebar but the ad never displays.

    Is there an option to show the widget on pages that I missed?

    “Fishing Reports” are my posts, everything else in the menu are pages.


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  • FishingTim:

    Hmm.. seems strange. I went to your site, and verified that the one on the bottom loads fine, but the one in the sidebar does not. I copied your ad code and placed it onto a blank page, and both codes work fine. Therefore, there can be two issues:

    1. The ad code is not working inside your theme
    2. Google is blocking the second ad (the sidebar one) for some reason.

    What I suggest you do is to replace the Google ads with a basic one (e.g. in the HTML, just type in ‘AD 1’ and ‘AD 2’ for each ad. Verify that these ads display correctly, then switch ‘AD 1’ to the first Google ad. If this works, switch ‘Ad 2’ to the second Google ad. If that works, then great. If not, try showing ‘AD 2’ with Google while leaving the first ad as ‘AD 1’.

    Good luck,

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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