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  • Guys, I run this plugin (and love it). I am running HTML ads with this plugin on our sidebar using the sidebar widget.

    It only shows one ad at a time. Can we get it to show as many ads as we want, one on top of the other? If we want to show several ads? I can select default ad, and that’s the one it shows, I want to show 2 or 3 or 4 stacked (with spacing of course in between them).

    Had this been done?

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  • rishel:

    Here are some features of Advertising Manager that you may be interested in:

    1. You can drag the ‘Advertising’ widget multiple times into the sidebar, and select a different (or the same) ad to appear multiple times.

    2. If you want to rotate between multipe ads, just name them the same, and they will randomly appear according to the weight that you give them.

    I hope this helps – if you have other questions, please feel free to ask!


    Very nice! Thank you so much. My only other question switzer would be the spacing at the very top first ad:

    The first ad, the HK one, is pushed up really far against the Recent Industry News. How do I make the spacing there equal to the spacing that is inbetween the ads? I know how to edit the CSS file, just not sure what to do there. If anyone knows, I thought you would.

    Thanks for your other reply, works awesome.

    Are you adding click tracking any time soon?


    Advertising Manager does not do any formatting – it just delivers the ad tag. You will need to seek advice from your template designer here – unfortunately I am not a designer!

    P.S. Click tracking is working on my machine, but still needs some work before I release it to the wild.




    Hm, how is click tracking coming along? I’m curious how to sell ad space to my sponsors without being able to show them that they are getting hits on their ads…




    I have put any new features on hold until there are zero bugs. There are a few people who are finding issues that I am trying to resolve, and then I will outline a timetable for click tracking, and a number of other features that have been built.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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