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  • I have just installed Advertising Manager 3.3.10 this morning. Looks like it’s going to be a great plugin. But, right now it’s given me a serious problem.

    My Appearance/Widgets page reports “You are using 5 widgets in the Sidebar1 sidebar.” but only 4 widgets are shown. I have looked in the database to try to delete the bad widget but I can’t find it. I’m hoping someone can tell me where this information is stored so I can delete the problem widget.

    Here’s how the problem was created.

    1) After installing Advertising Manager I created my first ad (using Commission Junction smartzones). That was very easy and there were no obvious problems/errors. I set up the options and gave the ad a name.

    2) Then I went into Appearance/Widgets assuming I would find a new widget to place the ad in my sidebar. Sure enough, there was the ad I had created, listed by name among the widgets. I clicked “Add” and the ad appeared under my other active sidebar widgets. I dragged it to the top and pressed Save. That’s when the first problem appeared. As soon as I hit Save all of the active widgets disappeared (meaning, they were no longer shown on the right side of the page), but the message above still said 5 active widgets in the sidebar.

    3) After taking a deep breath I opened a different browser and took a look at my home page. Not only was the whole sidebar missing, but the theme was now seriously broken. Obviously, some tables or css elements had been broken by the ad.

    4) The first thing I thought to do was disable Advertising Manager. When I did that the 4 original widgets reappeared on the actual site and the admin page. But the message still insisted that 5 widgets were installed, even though I could only see 4.

    5) After some research I found another post where someone says that Advertising Manager conflicts with a widget called Twitter tools. I was using Twitter Tools when I started this.

    So my site looks OK now, but there is a zombie widget stuck in the database somewhere.

    I would appreciate any help from the Advertising Manager developers. Let me know how I can help debug this problem.

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