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  • I went to go upgrade adsense manager and the banner popped up saying that I better switch to advertising manager. So I made that switch, and first it broke my blog. Then I deleted adsense manager manually and my blog went back up, but now all my ads are broken. I can’t even preview them.

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  • I second this bug/issue…quite annoying that it completely removes access to the blog and requires deletion of the plugin files from the command-line…

    …the new version (with the horrendous PLEASE UPGRADE message) should have been adequately tested.


    You are right – the message slipped between Adsense Manager and Advertising Manager. Hopefully, the fix that I just posted will solve the banner issue.

    Advertising Manager is a major upgrade to Adsense Manager. Please bear with us through this necessary upgrade so that Martin and I can both focus solely on adding functionality to Advertising Manager rather than two separate projects.


    Something’s very wrong. I tried installing this plugin and get this error:

    Unpacking the plugin package

    Incompatible archive: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    Installation Failed

    Please help. With AdSense Manager being disabled none of my ads are showing up now.

    Actually I fixed the problem. Didn’t know the ZIP I downloaded from here was incomplete. Redownloaded it and I”m all good. Thanks! 🙂

    I’ve had a similar experience to Uglyorgan, though having deleted the offending plugin and brought back its predecessor, at least the ads are working again!



    Glad to hear that Advertising Manager is working for you!

    Thanks for the tim @samboll


    Scott – it WASN’T working for me. My message was to say that I’d deleted Advertising Manager and restored its predecessor, and that my ads were working again.

    Or at least I thought they were. I now find that using the old Adsense manager only one Adsense ad on my extensive weblog is now working.

    I’d like to get this fixed of course. Yesterday Advertising Manager broke my weblog and had to be deleted. Do you think I can safely reinstall it now? And, if so, will I have to somehow recreate widgets and manually add ads to all my 832 posts?

    See to see the damage!


    Still no ads, and I can’t find a way to reinstate them. I tried reverting to an older ad database following the instructions on the FAQ, but I have no idea what numbers apply to these databases – I haven’t previously needed to be aware of them and don’t know where to find them.

    If you can help please, I would be grateful!


    PS – I can’t seem to leave any messages on the Advertising Manager website forum.


    Please Skype me (switzer) so that we can get this fixed in short order. Sorry for misreading your post above 🙂


    I’ve tried. Believe it or not, I haven’t used Skype in more than a year and had to set it up on a new computer.

    I await your approval so I can contact you from England.

    I’d like to report that Scott raciously stepped in and sorted out my problems on Friday evening.

    Many thanks Scott!


    I experience the same problems with advertising manager on
    – blog broken after activating advertising manager
    – blog live again after deactivating adsense manager
    – doesn’t show any ads 🙁

    @gmatkin: Since you’re so happy with the solution Scott proposed: Could you give me a hint on this post what to do?


    What do I do with this error?

    Warning: require_once(/home/duneguid/public_html/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: Success in /home/duneguid/public_html/ on line 31

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/duneguid/public_html/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/duneguid/public_html/ on line 31

    I can’t even get into wp-admin to remove the plugin so I can get it to work again.




    Sorry for posting in this thread. Thought it was a general error type place to post.

    Anyways, I solved my problem by deleting the plugin ‘adsense-manager’ from the plugins directory. Then I reinstalled and it all works.

    I would suggest making it so a failure in the ad manager does not bring the whole site down. Instead a failure in the ad manager should just mean that the ads do show.

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